#Review# LUVIEW Crystal Cover BB Cream

LUVIEW, Luminous + View is what LUVIEW wants to bring out to all ladies out there.

LUVIEW has found a clue for the secret of the beautiful skin from the highly optimized oriental formula, a unique combination of carefully selected natural ingredients and the most advanced dermatology that provide vibrant color while soothing them with comforting moisture all day long.

LUVIEW offers beauty products like BB Cream, powder which acts like a sunblock, compact powder, mascara in lengthening the eyelashes, lipgloss that comes in 2 shades of pink, and a cleansing foam.

I have been offered to try its Crystal Cover BB Cream.

LUVIEW Crystal Cover BB Cream comes in 2 shades, light beige and natural beige.

After cleansing and applying the basic care products on the face, pump out an appropriate amount of the BB cream, pat it all over the face. For targeted areas like blemishes, freckles and dark circles, apply slightly more than the rest.


Spreading is easy, texture is neither too thick nor creamy. It’s not heavy on my skin. The LUVIEW Crystal BB Cream is easily blended into my skin tone within a few minutes.


It has some bling bling ingredients like crystal, pearl, amethyst to brighten up the skin, giving it the natural glow. I find the coverage average, it’s able to cover up blemishes.

LUVIEW Crystal Cover BB Cream can be applied 3 ways.

Using hand : My recommended way! Due to the warm temperature from the hand, BB Cream absorption is the fastest. The only con is, needs the most amount during spreading.

Using Sponge : Gives the most coverage! But has the hassle of washing the sponge regularly. BB Cream stains may just pile up on the sponge which makes the coverage thick and uneven.

Using Brush : Based on my experience, it uses the least amount of BB Cream. Just like applying liquid foundation, the cream is easily and evenly spread in a swift! However, prolly my skill is not pro enough, I tend to end up with some brush marks on my face! So please becareful on that!

Overall, I am quite satisfied with Crystal Cover BB Cream from LUVIEW. Loves the natural radiance and glow from the crystals!


2 thoughts on “#Review# LUVIEW Crystal Cover BB Cream

  1. That BB cream looks really nice and your review has been really helpful. I’m just wondering how the colour compares to the BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream? I have that one at home and it’s a good colour on my skin, but I’m running out, so I wanted to try the Luview one but I don’t know what colour to get – and it’s not available in shops here.

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