Mary Kay Timewise Plus – For a lifted look, and firmer skin!

I had one of my evenings with Mary Kay.

It was a secret evening, where bloggers were given a box of secretive presents, to discover the secret to a younger V-look skin!

Introducing Mary Kay Timewise Plus+ Correcting Eye Cream (Photo above, left) and Mary Kay Timewise Plus+ Intensive Serum (Photo above, right).

Sharing what’s the secret that lies within the 2 products…

Prior to achieving firming skin,  keeping the skin hydrated is a must. Hyaluronic Acid has been well-known for hydration purposes.

There are 2 ways that hyaluronic acid can be added to the skin. One way, also the most well-known way, is by adding it to a skincare product formula. Moisture from Hyaluronic Acid is provided when applying the product.

The second way, which Mary Kay implements, is making use of Regena-Firm Complex.

Regena-Firm Complex is all about allowing the skin to produce Hyaluronic Acid by itself (with the help of key ingredients, plant stem cells, specialized peptide, potent botanicals. Amazing!) so that the skin is able to aborb moisture and at the sametime, lock the moisture on itself. Skin then feel supple and moisture boosts!

I believe searching for a good eye cream is so much harder than a face cream. Here’s a good one you may be keen.

Mary Kay Timewise Plus+ Correcting Eye Cream has this applicator that has been designed to stimulate blood circulation to reduce dark circles and eye puffiness. It’s basically like an eye massager.

Regular use will help to reduce the fine lines near the eyes area too.

I have been sponsored a full size Mary Kay Timewise Plus+ Correcting Eye Cream and started using it recently. With Hyaluronic Acid and Regena-Firm Complex, I am looking forward to see some reduction on my dark circles and fine lines.



What I like about the eye cream is that it helps to illuminate the skin. It’s due to the liquid crystal that is embedded inside the eye cream. That’s kind of nice!

Mary Kay Timewise Plus+ Intensive Serum uses Regena-Firm Complex too.  It is like the star product of the evening!

The light gel-like texture feels non sticky and absorbs like almost immediately as soon as I massage on my skin. It is supposed to give the skin a lifting effect, firms and tighten sagging skin, keeping the skin moisturized and supple.

One immediate I see is the reduction of fine lines.



When fine lines are reduced, it simply means skin is starting to firm up!

Other than the Timewise Plus, there were still a couple of secrets for us to discover!

A closer up what the pretty secrets are on this cute corner…

Liquid eye shadows!

Swatches of the eye shadows:

I am pretty attracted by their mani/pedi set. Particularly the handcare set which I’ve tried.

Basically there are 3 steps, cleanse, scrub, moisturize.




My hand feels uber smooth immediately after the mini hand spa session!

Mary Kay newly launched gel eyeliner in green!

More reviews coming up from the cosmetics in this secretive box!

This is blog post is tad long because there are too many products to share. Will do a separate blogpost for cosmetics.

Meanwhile, Mary Kay products are only available through their consultants. Find out more at their website,


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