#Review# BRTC Vitalizer skincare range says bye bye to dull skin!

It’s BRTC products again! Previously I blogged about 4 popular BB creams from BRTC, in this blogpost, I am sharing my review on BRTC Vitalizer range of products.

My sponsored products:

  • BRTC Vitalizer White Soap (S$35)
  • BRTC Vitalizer Fluid (S$39)
  • BRTC Vitalizer C 10 Ampoule (S$48)
  • BRTC Bright Eye Vitalizer (S$35)
  • BRTC Vitalizer Cream (S$45)
  • BRTC Vitalizer White Gel (S$35)
  • BRTC Vitalizer Mask (S$30 for box of 5 sheets)

First to review is the foam cleanser, Vitalizer White Soap, that comes in 200ml. What makes the cleanser different from most is it is made up of many vitamin concentrated capsules which not only cleanses the skin, but also keeping the skin moisturized with a layer of protective firm on the skin after cleansing.

See the orange beads inside the cleanser? Those beads are the vitamin capsules that burst during cleansing. They very gentle on the skin and that does the cleansing effectively. I can hardly feel the beads.

The cleanser smells orangy, just 1-2 pumps are enough to create the sufficient foam on my skin. Most foam cleansers tend to make my combination skin a little after washing. But Vitalizer White Soap is able to keep my skin clean, moist and soft after washing.

One of the basic steps after cleansing is toning/softening the skin, to prep it for moisturizer after that. Vitalizer Fluid acts as a toner that contains Vitamin A, B3, B5, C & E, which helps in skin whitening and revitalization.

How I apply is, take 1-2 pumps and pat it all over my face. It does provide some moisture to the skin.

After toning, eye cream and ampoule are next.

Bright Eye Vitalizer Cream has the same texture of a lip balm, but comes in a much thicker size. It targets on spots and pigmentation, and dull skin.tone.

I am a little not used to the application. What I do is, I roll it on my under eyes and pigmentation areas. I will give it a few rolls before using my finger to massage.

Ampoule, has always been said to hold the most concentrated nutrients and ingredients. Vitalizer C10 Ampoule includes 10% of Vitamin C stabilized through bio polymer process. (Pure Vitamin C is not stable unless process) It adds as a skin booster to achieve brightened up skin tone.

Vitalizer C10 Ampoule i s my pick for this BRTC Vitalizer skincare range. I love how it can absorb well into my skin without making the skin feeling too heavy and sticky.

Vitalizer White Gel is the least product I like in the range. The gel-like texture makes my skin feels heavy and sticky.

Just like Vitalizer White Soap, it contains plenty of Vitamin capsules.

Vitalizer White Gel is supposed to be a fantastic product that provides intense moisture to the skin, giving the maximum boost to a brighter skin. But too bad, I don’t like the sticky feel it leaves on my skin. Even if I try to leave it as a sleeping mask or wipe it off after application, my face feels uncomfortable from the stickiness.

Vitalizer White Cream contains alot of VitaminA, B3, B5, and E to help to firm up the skin as well as skin brightening.

The cream-based texture is still not so bad, not as heavy as what I have expected. Good to use it as day moisturizer.

Vitalizer Mask provides intense moisture, helps skin to achieve a brightened up skin tone.

The high-quality mask sheet lies comfortably on my skin, feeding my skin with fruit ingredients which fight against melanin production. It’s also an anti-oxidant mask that softens the skin on top of moisturization.

BRTC Vitalizer range mainly cater to those who are keen to achieve a brightened up skin tone and fight against pigmentation.

I have been using the range for about a week, so far so good.

BRTC Vitalizer skincare is available at SG Sasa Outlets.


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