#Review# The Highly Popular 4 BB Cream from BRTC!

In this October, I am seriously BB cream overdosed! I have received quite a few tubes of BB cream for reviewing, and I am super happy about it.

I have always been curious about how each BB cream is said to heal/improve the skin’s condition. It can be applied in thin layer, serves as a makeup base or concealer, or a moderate layer as a liquid foundation. Either way, it is able to provide some coverage for the face.

Highlights of this blogpost include 4 BB Creams from BRTC, sponsored by Singapore Sasa.

  1. Jasmine Water BB Cream
  2. Gold Caviar BB Cream
  3. Whitening & Repairing BB Cream
  4. Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream

I’ve taken the before and after photos from using the BB creams. The difference is very noticeable.

All 4 BB creams are almost equally good and I have a hard time deciding which is my favourite.

Despite all 4 BB creams have different shades, they are able to blend into my skintone which looked natural after application. I guess this what a good BB cream is all about, isn’t it? They are supposed to suit many different skin tones, blend into the skin tone to look natural and almost perfect.

Jasmine Water BB Cream

Jasmine Moist System is what this BB cream is all about keeping the skin moisturizing and soothing.  It also provides brightening effect for both sensitive and dry skin types.


The truth about my combination skin is, I have uneven skin tone, pigmentation like freckles, and a little redness due to my thin skin. (It’s true, my skin is quite thin after a skin analysis which I’ve done before)

Texture of the BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream is light and blending is easy and smooth. The result is very obvious, my skin looks smooth and has the natural glow!

Comes with SPF 30.


Close up…

Notice how brightened up my skin has turned out after applying the BB Cream?

I actually follow up with loose powder or two-way cake (depends on my mood) after the bb cream. Surprisingly, my skin feels hydrated for up to 5 hours before I do another touch up using two-way cake.

It’s my pick!

Gold Caviar BB Cream

Gold Caviar is all about delaying aging skin and solving signs of an aging skin. Wrinkles and saggy skin are few of the signs we can see from an aging skin.

What happens is that, BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream contains Caviar, Collagen and other nutrients that will help to protect the skin from against environmental damage, nourishes the skin to turn soft and smooth, less wrinkles and improve skin’s elasticity.

It also comes with SPF 50 PA +++ which is very sufficient to protect skin from sun damage.



The texture is a little more thicker and heavier than BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream. It also has the darkest shade among the 4 BRTC BB Creams in this blogpost, so coverage-wise it pretty good, especially with concealing fine lines near the eyes and frown lines.

Whitening & Repairing BB Cream

BRTC Whitening & Repairing BB Cream has almost the same protection system as BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream. It doesn’t focus on fighting against wrinkles, but also whitening, for those who are looking at a fair skin complexion, like me. 🙂

Unlike from the BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream, it has the lightest shade and gives very fair and natural coverage to the skin.

Apart from repairing wrinkled skin, it contains active elements to achieve a bright and smooth skin.

Comes with SPF 37 PA ++.



A natural and bright skin tone is the result on my skin.

Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream

From the name and you’ll know it’s about hydration for the skin. BRTC Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream makes use of an Aqua Rush System to hydrate dry skin type.

Comes with SPF 28 PA ++.


As I spread on the bb cream on my skin, tiny water drops are released from the bb cream to hydrate and quench skin’s thirst. That’s what the Aqua Rush System is all about.


Despite it’s less creamy texture, it is able to conceal most of my skin’s imperfections. My 2nd love among this 4 bb creams.   


BRTC BB Creams are available at Sasa SG Outlets.

All photos posted above are before powder application.


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