#Review# L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique BB Cream – The 1st Skin Transforming BB Cream!

Last September 2012, L’Oreal Paris launched its first illuminating bb cream, Lucent Magique BB Cream.

Its milky white texture consists of these BB capsules encapsulated a blend of skin-perfecting pigments. When Lucent Magique BB Cream is applied on the skin, these BB capsules will slowly ‘melt’ and blends the BB cream to your skin tone to achieve a radiant glow on the skin.

So even though Lucent Magique BB Cream comes in only one shade, white, it is still able to blend into your skintone naturally.

When I first tried it, I thought the texture looked quite like a cleanser with fine beads.

But it turned out the texture is actually very soft. It didn’t leave a thick  creamy feel on my skin, infact my skin felt light and smooth. My skin also looked natural with radiant coverage (yep, my freckles were sort of less visible without using concealer) and an even skin tone after blending.

I did not have pores issue on my face, so no comment on that.

Comes with SPF 20 PA +++.

Lucent Magique BB Cream is now available at all L’Oreal Paris Counters in SG, retailing at S$24.90.


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