Nespresso U – The U Lives Like You!

Are you a coffee lover? Yes I am!

I got invited to Nespresso U Launch and got to witness their latest innovative coffee machine with some coffee tasting sessions too!

It was a stomach pampering evening at the event.

Bloggers were treated to a 3 course fine dinner contemporary French – Japanese fine dining restaurant, LP+ Tetsu. I have been there for a sakae tasting session before, the food and ambiance were terrific!

Dinner started with these cute “melt in your mouth, not on your hands” small bites!

Brioche to go along with balsamic vinegar dip.

I had this special soup for the brioche to dip in too. The reason why I said it’s special was because the soup was served like an ice cream at first. The soup cream was poured in the later part.

My main course was fish served with asparagus.

Desserts was this box! Chocolates?

No it’s not chocolates!

Very interesting! Desserts was a tour for us to take alook at the U machines and some Nespresso coffee with cakes and chocolates!

Frankly speaking, I am now quite tempted to buy this new U machine after this event. My only concern is, will I be using it regularly enough?

At the media launch, I was amazed how Nespresso U was able to fit into almost everyone’s lifestyle and needs. Nespresso U was showcased in a  different guestrooms themes at Kam Leng Hotel. The different room themes were designed by designers to suit individual personalities.

The first room I was brought to was designed by one of the co-founders from LoveBonito, Velda! She was such an elegant and hot babe! The room she designed was meant for young couples.

Theme colour was mainly in red x black x white, modern and classy.

Dah dah! Here’s the first U machine I met! T red x black Nespresso U!

I had my first cup of nespresso with white chocolate cake as my first desserts dish!

The 2nd room I toured was a room specially designed for bachelors! Check out the white x orange theme!

Here’s the Nespresso U machine!

My 2nd cup of Nespresso coffee with After 8 Mint chocolate dipped in!

Macaroons and cakes to go along with the coffee!

Third room was a little messy with some wildness, like a hostel room at the University.

Spot the Nespresso U?

Here’s another designed room for those with a sporty personality.

The little corner where Nespresso U and coffee were appreciated.

Came to the fifth room, oriental kind of designed, with all things became red and flora.

And here’s the Nespresso U in white!

There was also another room in space theme. It was dim and mysterious with black balloons filled with Helium gas, so the balloons actually flew up and filled up the entire room ceiling.

Room theme was in black but Nespresso U was in white, and this made the U machine totally stands out in the room.

The last room I went has a garden picnic green theme.

Check out the fluffy clouds!

Nespresso U in grey!

My last cup of coffee for the day! It’s from the Nespresso Limited Edition Crealto! A unique blend of washed off Arabicas from South and Central America and Indonesia, Crealto is roasted slowly at low temperatures for intense roasted notes and roundness. My pick for Nespresso!

Beautiful Capsules!

It was a fun evening exploring the different themed rooms, trying out the freshly brewed coffee from the U machine. An unforgettable coffee tasting experience!

If you are keen on this Nespresso U, do find out more at Nespresso website and their facebook fanpage. 🙂


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