Purple Sage – Fall In Love workshop <3

Some of you who have been following my twitter and instagram will prolly know I am married recently. Just 1 month before my big day, I attended a wedding workshop held by Purple Sage.

Purple Sage is a boutique caterer that aims to deliver experiential dining through innovative food, elegant décor and professional service. I wish I have known them before my wedding preparation, I would have gone to them for some decor advices!

They are experienced in western fusion cuisine for all kinds of events, and wedding themes for the wed-to-be couples.

I attended one of their annual wedding workshop held at Emily Hill. I got to see the beautiful set ups, decors and romantic outdoor Autumn wedding theme, together with other services that can be planned for a wedding.

What they will plan and advise will definitely be helpful in the wedding preparation. I wish I have all these advices during my wedding preparation, the advices are really so practical and matches to exactly what I have needed for wedding.

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The first thing that a wed-to-be couple should think about is wedding budget. Be realistic, what’s the point of wanting a lavish or Cinderella wedding theme when you know you will be broke or in debts after the wedding? It’s even not worth to quarrel with your partner over money issues for your wedding which is supposed to be happy occasion?

Truth to be told, my partner and I had tried to save as much as we could on the wedding cost. Trust me, though it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, no one will really care if you have spent a $5000 or a $50000 on the wedding banquet. No one will talk about it anymore once it’s over. Time and energy will all be focused on your baby and the household expenses, you will rarely talk to your partner about the wedding as days passed! Think for the future, won’t it be nice to continue living in romance and alittle luxury instead of trying very hard to save for this and that after the wedding?

For my wedding, my partner and I planned it to be a private affair, we stick to 10 tables for our immediate families members and close friends whom we have been meeting up with for the past one year. After all, no one likes to receive a “red bomb” from someone whom we haven’t met and talked for the past one year right?

And because we had only 10 tables, we had more time to mingle around with relatives and friends, instead of going to each table take 1-2 shots group photo, shake hands, drink and then say bye bye! It’s the quality time that we wanted to spend with our loved ones for sharing our joy on our big day, and not just a SOP wedding banquet, if you know what I mean. 🙂

With the budget that your partner and yourself have decided, next to consider is the wedding date, venue and food.

Photo above shows how an outdoor wedding solemnisation may look like at Emily Hill.

Will you prefer an outdoor with a garden view, giving the guests the freedom to help themselves with the buffet spread, or an indoor with air conditioner incase you are worried about having your makeup melted?

The good thing is, whatever venue you pick, Purple Sage has a way to turn it into the way you want the wedding theme to be. Even if it’s just a buffet spread, special decor and exquisite cutlery will be used. Food will be kept fresh and warm, servers will be walking around to attend to every guest’s needs.

Select the right cuisine to go along with the venue. You won’t want to have some BBQ-on-spot dishes when the venue doesn’t allow any fire-hazard risks to take place. If your guests are going to include the elders and vegetarians, don’t forget to take these into consideration.

Wedding is meant to be something sweet and happy, so how can happy food be left out right? My happy food refers to all things sweet and chocolates! Yes, desserts!

The guests will prolly go “Wow, so pretty!” when they see the pretty food! And if these happy food are included at a buffet spread, some would prolly comment “Look just as good as those from Shangri-la!”. Now, isn’t this what we wanted to hear from the guests?

Purple Sage will definitely know how to make your guests happy and enjoy themselves on your wedding day.

Initially I wanted fine dining but seemed like it’s not going to work out, the food portion may not be filling enough for some guests and that can be very embarrassing. (I have heard of cases like this ya! Imagine the guest went home still feeling hungry after giving a generous red packet just because it’s a fine dining that was held at somewhere atas?) So in the end, I switched to Chinese cuisine, and that would mean a restaurant or a hotel. Of course, a hotel is always more popular and ‘presentable’ than restaurants, so do think what you want. We were lucky to find a reputable ballroom which could cater for 11 tables though!

Once you confirm your venue and food, you can then think about what kind of theme you will want to have at the venue. Important advice from me, be realistic and stay within your budget. 🙂

So do book all your picks ready once your wedding date is fixed. It is highly recommended to book at least 12 months in advance, especially if it’s an auspicious date/month/year, if you are into Geomancy and is superstitious.

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When the main selections are done, you may prolly want to add some “enhancements” to your wedding banquet package? Enhancements like hiring a live band, having a candy bar section, fully decorated reception, customized wedding favours, table floral arrangement etc.

Seriously speaking, you may want to DIY some of the decor stuff because it will make your wedding preparation more memorable. Then again, if you don’t have the time and idea, Purple Sage is more than welcomed to advise.

For my wedding, due to time limitation, I have only managed to DIY my ang pow birdcage, guestbook and pen holder (using perfume container) with pens. Simple, not very innovative, but I was happy because I did them myself and some money was saved.

My wedding bears were saved as well, because my 5 lovely bridemaids already bought me one pair and it’s awesome to use them because they were gifts filled with wishes and blessings. Know me well and you’ll know I am a huge fan of Rilakkuma and family!

My ROM pen was saved, because another friend of ours bought us one and had it engraved with our names and wedding date, now isn’t this more awesome?

It’s all about time and effort, doing abit of research, getting help from loved ones and seeking advices from the professionals that will really make your wedding planning an enjoyable and unforgettable one.

Anything you need or plan to have for a wedding event, you may want to check out what Purple Sage can have for you within your budget.

Purple Sage Group Pte Ltd
No. 5 Harrison Road, #04-01, Singapore 369 645
Tel: 6396 6990
Fax: 6396 6980
Email: sales @purplesage.com.sg

It has been almost 2 weeks since my wedding day, I still feel like it’s a dream that has just happened. The wedding ends pretty fast but I am glad I have enjoyed the preparation with my loved ones.

Live Love Laugh


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