[Review] Annabelle Studio – Where I Had One Of My Most Relaxing Facial Sessions!

I had one of my most relaxing facial sessions sometime ago. It was the last facial which I had before my wedding. I wanted to go for one more session before my big day, but I couldn’t squeeze out my time. 😦

Yes, the facial session was so relaxing and effective that I wanted to go for a second session within two weeks!

Annabelle Studio, located at The Delphi, was owned by a very nice lady called Shirley. Annabelle Studio has two other branches in Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay). I don’t mind dropping by for facial during my next Hong Kong trip. =)

I had my skin analysis done before Shirley prescribed to me the various treatments which I could choose. My main concerns on my skin are my dark circles and so my facial included eyes treatment.

Two types of treatments which I had:

  • Guasa “Slim-face” treatment (S$180) – Helps in firming up my face, I guess I have too much of baby fats on the cheeks.
  • Lymphatic Eye Treatment (S$55) – To reduce my eyes puffiness, improve in the blood circulation and reduction of fine lines.

The ambiance of the beauty salon is just right, the place was cosy!

Here’s my experience with the Guasa “Slim-face” treatment. There’s a reason why it is worth SGD180/session. (Cheaper when buying in package, with throw-in)

The skincare brand use during the treatment is Institute Milano Phytocosmetic from Italy.

Steps involve in the treatment:

Cleansing with Cotton Milk
It basically moisturizes my skin while cleansing. No worries about stripping off skin’s moisture inorder to remove the dirts.

Deep cleansing with Date Mousse Facial Scrub
Uses very fine beads that are gentle to the skin and yet effective in the exfoliation.

Personalized Vegetal Extract Facial Mask + face steaming
It’s my first time to mask while steaming my face. Since my treatment was all about face slimming the vegetal extracts facial mask was used. Vegetal extracts are very precious extracts from plants, to provide the skin with a cocktail of nutrients depends on the nature and healing properties of the extracts that my skin needs. In this case, it was hydrating, slimming and anti-oxidant for my skin.

Extraction & antiseptic
Extraction was almost painless! My therapist was very experienced and gentle. After the extraction, she provided me antiseptic to my face to avoid any skin infection.

Ginkgo Biloba Firming Massage for facial and eye massage
The massage helps to improve my blood circulation and my dark circles look less purplish after the session. I almost fell asleep during this step. Too relaxing!

Water Lily Firming Mask together with Guasa
Guasa is supposed to remove my water retention on my puffy face, stimulate blood circulation, creating a lifting effect on my face. This Guasa is not just the usual tool I see in the market. It’s a stone applicator which contains infrared light and ultrasound function to rebuild the energy level of the skin. Lymphatic drainage massage method is used during Gausa.

Modelling Cold Mask
After Guasa treatment, the next step is to apply a modelling cold mask to further define the contoured skin, enhance on the lifting effects. I fell asleep during masking.

After my facial one immediate result I saw from the treatment was slightly lifted jawline/cheeks areas!

Well, that’s for the face treatment. As for my eyes treatment, Lymphatic Eye Treatment which suits those who face long hours infront of computer and having late sleep lifestyle. I totally fit into this category.

A Lymphatic Drainage Machine is used to massage around the eyes area. It helps to improve blood circulation and reduce water retention on both upper and lower eye lids.

My eyes area are pretty dry, essential oils are concocted to moisturize the delicate skin and to sooth the tired eyes. Banana Flower Lymph was also used. It has anti-wrinkle properties and firming effect.

At the end of the session, for my eyes, they looked less puffy and dark circles purplish tone was lightened.

My facial session at Annabelle Studio was one of the best that I had so far.

To conclude, the Gausa “slim-face” treatment included 3 facial masks which help in firming my skin and provide intense hydration to the skin. It was a very relaxing session that I literally fell into deep sleep. My face felt supple and radiant instantly after the session.

As for the Lymphatic eye treatment, the eye massage helped in the blood circulation on my dark circles. The purplish tone was lightened and eyes looked less puffy when I came out.

I am hoping to go back for my 2nd session once my busy schedule is cleared!

Annabelle Studio is located at The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street.

Tel: 6336 8975 / 6339 2204

Email: info@annabellestudio.com



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