Za Cosmetics x Les Affaires for the girlies!

“Kissy Kissy Kiss!”

Newly launched lipglosses and lipsticks from Za Cosmetics, Lip Drops and Pure Shine.

A total of 20 colours, each with very girlish and fruity names, make the lippies sound so yummy on the lips!

Lip Drops!

Plus points of Lip Drops lipgloss:

  • Dewy gloss and give the lips a plumping effect
  • Collagen complex is formulated in the lipglosses
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Evening Primrose Oil are ingredients which help to moisturize the lips
  • Vitamin E

Packaging-wise, each tube comes with a diagonally-cut applicator tip that fits just nice on the lips. Because it’s in tube type packaging, it’s easy to press and release the lipgloss. Each tube has its own floral packaging that evokes the image of love!

Lip Drops range has this fruity scent of orange and mixed fruits, on top of the floral scent from Jasmine, Rose and some herbs.

The first colour that caught my eyes was 04 Cupid Heart. It’s also the lightest shade in the Lip Drops range. It’s almost transparent when applied.

05 Totally Cute gives a very light orange tint, but it’s also transparent when applied on the lips.

When comes to lipgloss, I prefer a shade with a light tint of pink or orange.

09 Love Letter was one of the pink shades that I picked. It was really pink and doesn’t make the lips overdo despite it’s pink! My Pick was 09 Love Letter!

02 Girl Charm is quite close to the colour of a French rose bonbon.

Basically, Lip Drops consists of 4 different categories names to categorize the 10 colours.

Secret Siren – The uber dark red, all about keeping the man enthralled and mesmerized by the red lips!

  • 01 ALways Yours
  • 10 I’m Yours

Blushing Barbie – The bright red category that describes a shy girl who blushes easily and leaves an unforgettable first impression.

  • 02 Girl Charm
  • 06 Love Bug
  • 07 My Happiness

Kawaii Cutie – The very sheer colours range, emphasizing how adorable and kawaii the girl is!

Girly Charm – A tint of pink shade, that reminds one of the girl-next-door with an unassuming charm.

  • 08 Ever After
  • 09 Love Letter (My Pick!)

Lip Drops cost $11.90, available at Watsons.

Pure Shine!

Just like Lip Drops, Pure Shine also has 4 sub-range of the lipsticks.

English Rose – Talks about enhancing the natural rosy tone on the lips.

  • 02 Muance Rose
  • 04 Salmon rose

Pink lady – Needless to say, it is all about pink!

  • 01 Petal Pink
  • 05 Pretty Pink
  • 08 Shell Pink

Red Hot – All things red!

  • 06 Lady Red
  • 09 Red Coral

Coralicious – Coral is usually my 2nd choice, alternative for pink!

My pick: 10 Mango Passion, which belongs to the Coralicious range.

Pure Shine lipsticks are retailing at $17.50.

Event was held at Les Affaires located at Wisma Atrium. Za Cosmetics did a collaboration with Les Affaires. It was a girly affair where we talked about how difference lip colours can bring out the different looks with the different apparel at Les Affaires.

Les Affaires brought in quite alot of comfy high-quality made sleepwear, which are versatile enough to transform into an outfit for weekend date. And with the new lip colours from Za Cosmetics, mix and match to transform into many different looks everyday!

I bought one for myself at the end of the event!

Multi-tiered lace dress, with different materials on each layer. I love the fluffy feel when I put it on.

The event theme was all about kisses and lips, and it’s so nice of the nice ladies from Za Cosmetics to prepare a foldable lip-shaped shopping bag!

Event the product handouts were in lip-shaped booklets, so sweet!

Eyes Groovy

At the same time, 2 new colour palettes added to the Eyes Groovy range which I’ve introduced in my blogpost here.

Plus points of Eyes Groovy palettes:

  • High fidelity colours
  • Microfine powder that blends over very easily
  • Vitamin E to care for the skin

Can’t wait to try out the new eye colours, Mauve Berry and Glamourous Glow.

Look out for my lippie pics on instagram (username sunkisstiffy)!

Each palette costs $18.50.


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