[Food review] 王老五 Wang Lao Wu Chicken King

Chicken rice lovers will not want to miss this cafeteria, Wang Lao Wu Chicken King.

Hainanese Chicken rice is their signature dish.

Very well-steamed, the tenderness of the chicken meat seems almost perfect.

Given steamed chicken and roasted chicken, I pick roasted! Simply because of the slight crisp chicken skin!

The fatty layer under the skin isn’t that bad to me, infact it’s pretty easy to be removed!

What’s chicken rice without the fragrance rice right?

I personally think the rice is good enough to be eaten by itself, or with the additions of black soy sauce and chilli or chopped ginger!

At Wang Lao Wu Chicken King, it’s not just chicken rice that they serve. Their menu is pretty close to Hong Kong style roasted meat stalls, where roasted port and authentic steam boil soups are prepared and served with fresh ingredients.

I love the char siew & sao rou, especially the crispy skin! What is lacking is maybe some honey sauce for the meat to dip in?

There are quite a wide variety of steam boil soups at Wang Lao Wu Chicken King.

Bitter Gourd Soup (S$4.40), surprisingly I don’t taste any bitterness from it. The bitter gourd itself has been cooked over a period of time without becoming too soggy, carrot and red dates add some sweetness to the soup, almost covering up the bitterness from the bitter gourd.

Black Chicken Soup (S$5.50), filled to the brim of the bowl, like going to overflow anytime! Alot of chinese herbs are added in to ensure the black chicken is immersed with the savory taste from the soup.

Water Cress Soup (S$4.50), good for getting rid of  heatiness from the body. It’s not just a greeny soup. Pork ribs and red dates are added in.

Local delights are the extended menu from Wang Lao Wu Chicken King. Most Singaporeans don’t just eat chicken rice alone, some will prefer to add in some side dishes, and that’s when side dish like Thai Fried Beancurd comes in.

I dig the overdosed chopped peanuts!

They also serve value set meals at very affordable prices.

The one where I tried is at Kallang Leisure Park #B1-22.

Wang Lao Wu Chicken King has 4 other outlets in SG!

  • Jalan Batu Block 4A Food Centre
  • 海岸路51号 East CoastRoad
  • 牛车水Chinatown K88 Coffee House
  • 125 East Coast Road

Website, http://www.wanglaowuchickenking.com/menu.html

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/wanglaowuchickenking?ref=ts


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