Ribbon Tote Bag from Danxuan.livejournal.com

Fan of tote bag?

Here’s one tote bag which I have received from Danxuan! I totally dig its size because  my bulky laptop can fit in! No longer have to carry the black thick bulky laptop bag!

Measuring  30cm (L) x 27cm (H) x 10cm (W), it’s spacious inside!

I am able to stuff in my barang barang without having the bag looking bulging out here and there.My barang barang consists of bag organiser, makeup pouch, camera, 1.5cm-thick cards holder, packets of tissue and wet tissue, bug bunch of keys, portable mobile battery, mobile phone, etc.

And surprisingly the handle is able to withstand the weight of my laptop so far.

The handles and compartments are all neatly sewn, and this maybe the reason why it can withstand my laptop weight.

I love the gold-plated ribbon attached on the bag. It adds a girly feel to the tote bag.

Made of faux leather which somehow turns out to be pretty soft after a few times usage.

Loving the depth of the ribbon tote bag. Inside has two open compartments and a zipped compartment.

Initially, I have thought I would have problem matching the bag with my outfits because of its colour combination. But it turns out it’s not that difficult at all!

Because of the cream, I paired with a daffodil yellow dress.

The bright colours of the Ribbon tote bag brings out a cheery feel to dull colours outfit, black x taupe

That’s my mum behind me. She must be wondering why I was so vain to camwhore in public!

The colours really standout from my dull outfit of the day.

Then I went to try pairing my Ribbon tote bag with a nautical outfit, blue x white.

I purposely picked this tunic top with a huge velvety designed ribbon to pair with my Ribbon tote bag!

It was like a ribbon outfit day for me that day!

Ribbon tote bag will be launched in Danxuan Ribbon Affair on tomorrow, Friday, at 10am! Available in two colour combinations. Don’t miss the launch!


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