#Review# Lovemore Snail Mucin Healing & Hydrating Mask

Lovemore latest mask, Snail Mucin Healing & Hydrating Mask, comes in a box of 5 sheets arrive at my doorstep recently!

Snail Mucin seems to be the hype recently, and is like a precious found in Korean skincare.

Snails do not experience skin infections. It’s the secretion (snail mucin) produced inside their cells that help to protect them from skin infection. This secretion is like a serum formulated inside skincare products to keep the skin clear of acne, rosacea and stretch marks etc.

And since Snail Mucin is well-known for its skin healing properties, Lovemore has come up with Snail Mucin as one of their ingredients to target on healing and repairing on top of hydrating and firming through masking.

Collagen fibre is also used as a better filler to fill-in skin tissues and form a protective layer on the skin to prevent moisture loss.

Hyaluronan content in the mask essence ensures younger and fresher feel and touch!

Trying out the mask sheet…

The mask sheet is so thin that I can see through my fingers behind. The thin sheet helps to ensure a better fit of the mask on my face.

Essence is quite alot inside the packaging soaking the mask!


In my before photo, there are some lines on skin’s surface, there are indications of dry skin condition.


After masking, skin feels hydrated with less visible lines on the skin’s surface.

I will say regular use may improve skin moisture level, and in return reduces visibility of the fine lines, maintain skin’s firmness and delay aging skin.

Lovemore Snail Mucin Healing & Hydrating mask is available at Secretive.sg. Join their facebook page for more updates!




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