#Review# New Lactacyd Feminine Wash – White Intimate and Revitalize. What’s your preference?

Most ladies know about the importance of feminine hygiene care but how many of us are proactive in using feminine wash to give the intimate area an extra care?

I am not a fan of using female wash, will prefer female wipes because of the convenience to throw after use. But no harm to do an extra step in using feminine wash during shower right?

Ladies should start paying attention to female hygiene care. A couple of reasons why it’s important. SG’s hot weather may cause perspiration which result in darkened bikini area, something similar to underarm darkened skin. The type of clothing wear we have these days, tend to cause excessive friction to the skin, which may also cause skin darkening. Because of all these harsh factors, it’s important to start taking care of the skin at the intimate area.

Lactacyd Feminine Wash is launched with the idea of lightening the skin and keeping the intimate area fresh and moisturized.

Lactacyd White Intimate

Lactacyd has recently launched its first lightening intimate wash with skin lightening benefits and also the first of its kind to formulate the products with natural ingredients like Algowhite and Actipone-B which are all marine-based whitening agent. Both ingredients are to lighten the skin and inhibit production of melanin, reducing skin darkening.

I love the scent from White Intimate. It has this soothing scent which I know of from other moisturizing skincare. It contains milk-based moisturizing and revitalizing agent which provides moisture and keeping the intimate area fresh.

Also contains Lactic Acid, a natural soothing anti-itch agent for the skin.

Light texture which doesn’t create forming so as not to dry the skin. I apply a thumb-sized amount twice daily and rinse off with water during my shower.

pH level is 5.2, which I find it alright so far, no irritation at all. From what I know, the intimate area has a difference pH from normal body wash which can be too harsh to the skin. As a result, infection and itchiness may happen. So it’s recommended to use a feminine wash which has the right pH for the skin.

It promises visible skin lightening after using 4-12 weeks, I wonder if I can use it on my underarm area too…

Lactacyd Revitalize

For the ladies who are looking at moisturizing and firming, Lactacyd Revitalize maybe a good choice.

It is formulated with natural ingredients like Vitamin E (anti-oxidant), Collagen (firming, delay skin aging), Trehalose (deodorant, keeping skin fresh and moisturized)

Texture-wise and pH level are the same as White Intimate. It’s the scent that differs. It also has milk-based moisturizing and anti-itch agents in the ingredients.

Lactacyd mainly focuses on skin moisturizing and skin firming while White Intimate gives skin fairness. It’s all up to individual’s preference and lifestyle to decide which to pick.

Lactacyd is now having a giveaway at their facebook fan page for everyone. Redeem Lactacyd Trial Kit at : http://on.fb.me/Kmmcgb. The secret referral password for this redemption is my blog url, https://sassyd0ll.wordpress.com.

Faster go redeem ya! Get your friends to redeem too!

Lactacyd White Intimate (250ml) and Lactacyd Revitalize (250ml) is priced at SGD13.90 each, available at all leading pharmacies.


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