Lashionista Mascara Launch Party at Zouk

Attended another product launch party at Zouk. It’s Maybelline’s most anticipated product launch of 2012, Lashionista mascara and its accompanying range of products!

For the ladies who love eye makeup, having the makeup smudged around the eyes is a disaster. Maybelline has launched its Lashionista mascara,  with HyperCosmos Duo eyeshadow, Hyper Glossy Liquid eyeliner and Babylips Pink Glow lip balm, altogether to beautify the makeup look for anytime of the day.

Lashionista Mascara (S$21.90)

Lashionista was the star at the fashion event at Zouk. Its luminous pink was just too bright to be missed at the cosmetics booth.

Lashionista is specially designed for Asian lashes, to create long-lasting, smudgeproof  and lengthening kind of eyelashes

The secret to the results is its countless fibers which are over 4mm longer than normal fibers.

There’s also a protective film coating the eyelashes, giving them the long-lasting curl and keeps them smudgeproof from water for up to 24 hours.

I tried it on for the first time, and was a little disappointed because my eyelashes were looking too sparsely far apart from one another.

But the good thing is, my eyelashes looked naturally long from side view.

I do agree with its long and plenty of fibers on the mascara coats, they sure help alot in the lash lengthening. On the other hand, alot of fibers will mean some clumping.

It’s really a pity that there was any volumizing effect on my eyelashes. Even when I followed with another mascara coat from a volumizing mascara, my eyelashes started to clump. Nevertheless, it’s a good product if you are looking for mascara to help in making the eyelashes black and looks naturally long.

Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner (S$13.90)

I am a fan of liquid eyeliner because of its black intensity in defining the eye lines. But most liquid eyeliner requires more effort in removing the stain, and this means more tugging on the skin, causing more lines.

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner draws a sharp black line with dazzling shine that gives a more defining pair of eyes.

Just like Lashionista, Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner doesn’t smudge and is waterproof.

Hyper Cosmos (S$17.90)

Overdo the smoky effects and you can look like you’ve copped a pair of black eyes during a street fight. Pile on the sparkle and you can look like you’ve had a tussle with a Christmas tree and come off worse for wear.

Thanks to the new HyperCosmos duo eyeshadow palettes from Maybelline New York, we can now say bye to these eyeshadow offences!

A total of 7 duo eyeshadow palettes are available in this new range.

HyperCosmos is born of new baked eyeshadow technology: an innovative baking process that removes excess water pigments to make way for pure, intense, saturated colour. Adding lustre to colour, its divine not-too-dull-not-too-shiny shimmer arises from a unique combination of crushed pearls and pure pigments. Each shades pairs with a marbelised colour for mixing and blending.

Close up on the colours:

Maybe some of the colours aren’t my type, but but but, who not loves collecting them when the marbelised shades are so pretty??

Baby Lips Pink Glow (S$6.90)

Maybelline Baby Lips is back with two latest shades – Baby Lips Pink Glow Baby Pink and Baby Lips Pink Glow Pink Blast in new Mixed Berry flavor!

Other than its long-lasting (up to 8 hours) moisturizing properties, the idea here is its ability to bring out individual’s perfect pink glow!

Baby Lips Pink Glow contains Color Blooming technology that have tone revealing pigments that react with your unique lip chemistry to bring your lips to the freshest and brightest natural pink.

I have yet to try it out on myself though. I am not a fan of lip balms, am going to hold a giveaway soon. *wink*

Out of the many Maybelline events which I’ve attended, this one on Lashionista mascara launch has the most hype. Advertisements and promos had been spreading around at the collaborating blogshops, screams went on and on when the topless dudes appeared on stage, stalls selling Maybelline cosmetics, blogshops clothes and accessories were fully packed. I had to squeeze my way here and there!

Some highlights at the fashion show event held at Zouk:

The Maybelline event was a blast and I was fortunate to bring home a bag of sponsored products from Maybelline.   


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