The Body Shop – Scents of the World

New fragrance collection which I have received from The Body Shop quite sometime ago in August. Scents of the World, is the new collection’s name. Its name simply tells me the new collection is made up of ingredients which are sourced from all over the world.

Scents of the World, is The Body Shop’s first ever collection that contains 100% organic essence and natural extracts from the plants.

There are a total of 5 sets of different scent (range) from flower extracts picked from 5 different places in this world:

  • Madagascan Vanilla Flower
  • Amazonian Wild Lily
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Indian Night Jasmine
  • Atlas Mountain Rose

Out of the 5 ranges, Madagascan Vanilla Flower is the only range that has one product, and that’s Madagascan Vanilla Flower Eau De Toilette.

This scent has been picked by mum who is in her late 50s. She describes to me how hot the weather has been around her and how the vanilla scent helps to calm her mood under the sunny sun whenever the wind blows against her. The only con is that the scent is not long-lasting enough and she will have to give a few more sprays after 4 hours.

Every Eau De Toilette glass bottle included in Scents of the World has got this beautiful prints on the back and front of glass. It’s like seeing a 3D picture when I look at the glass bottle.

For the Lily lovers, you may find Amazonian Wild Lily irresistible. Green and fresh, with iris, orchid and papaya alongside white lilies from Brazil, are what made up Amazonian Wild Lilies.

Just like the other 3 scents (Japanese Cherry Blossom, Indian Night Jasmine, Atlas Mountain Rose), Amazonian Wild Lilies consists of 5 products:

  • Shower Gel (250ml)
  • Body Lotion (200ml)
  • Eau De Toilette (50ml)
  • Fragrance Mist (100ml)
  • Perfume Oil (15ml)

I find the floral scent smelling fresh and not too overwhelming with the green grass kind of smell. Amazonian Wild Lilies shower gel and body lotion are now kept in my workplace for me to freshen up anytime when I am dying at work!

Next scent, Japanese Cherry Blossom is nothing new to me. I have ever tried their shower gel before but don’t really like it.

I was actually hoping for more sweet fruity scent instead of the light floral with Chinese Magnolia as one of the top notes. Not my kind of scent but it seems to be very popular for others.

Out of the 5 scents, Indian Night Jasmine smells the most fruity (orange) to me.

Indian Night Jasmine, a flower that only blooms under the moon. Smells a little spicy with notes of Sandalwood. Seductive oriental scent is what Indian Night Jasmine brings.

My pick from The Body Shop Scents of the World is, Atlas Mountain Rose! I have always loved skincare products that comes with rose scent. They never fail to calm my skin, my mind after a long tiring day.

The mountain rose extracts here are from Morocco. But it’s not a 100% rose scent here. Amber and musk are included with some citrus notes. The perfume oil in this case is perfect for me. On some nights before I sleep, I will drip a few drops on a piece of soft paper, attach the the soft paper on the aircon flap, so that when the cold air blows into my room, my room is filled with the calming rose scent!

Scents of the World may come with 5 different scents, but we can always play around with the scents to create a truly individual scent.

Example from The Body Shop:

Atlas Mountain Rose + Madagascan Vanilla Flower = Floral Seduction

Quoted from The Body Shop:

For a truly exotic escape, choose Madagascan Vanilla Flower, a sensual oriental that transports you to a sun-drenched tropical island.

Otherwise, refresh yourself with Amazonian Wild Lily, a crisp aquatic that brings you right into the heart of the rain-kissed jungle.

Revel in a moonlit Mughal garden with Indian Night Jasmine, a seductive oriental,

or take in the sweet scent of a Japanese spring with the romantic fruity-floral Japanese Cherry Blossom.

For an encounter like no other, choose Atlas Mountain Rose and experience the freshness of dawn in the Valley of Roses with this bright floral scent.

Scents of the World is already available at The Body Shop outlets in SG.


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