#Review# Mentholatum Lip Pure series

Mentholatum Lip Pure series have recently launched in 3 variants.

  • Orange
  • Fragrance-free
  • Honey Lemon

I get to try out 2 flavours this week, thanks to the sponsorship from Mentholatum!

Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Balm in Fragrance-free

Heard of Beeswax? It’s very commonly used in the making of lip balm. Mentholatum uses a gentle beeswax formulation in the lipcare products, and this makes gliding the lip balm very easy and smooth.

Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip balm in fragrance-free is formulated with 100% food-grade ingredients to protect, sooth and soften the lips.

Shea butter oil, almond oil, aloe extract, jojoba oil are the natural plant ingredients which are used to provide deep moisturization to the lips.

Vitamin E and grape seed oil are also included because of their antioxidant properties to keep the lips healthy and looking youthful.

But the packaging isn’t very attractive to me. Simple, plain, in white, with a cap. This is a fragrance-free, no adding of preservatives and colorants lip balm, so I guess this explains the plain and simple packaging.

Application is very smooth on my lips. My lips don’t really feel very sticky. Infact the lip balm feels very light on my lips. Perhaps a little greasy feel from the moisturizing ingredients.

Moisturizing level is average, suitable for SG weather. It helps to keep my lips moisturized for about 4 hours in air-conditioned environment.

Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip Gel in Honey Lemon

The 2nd flavour which I get to try has a different texture from the fragrance-free lip balm. It’s in gel, with honey lemon taste!

The Mentholatum Lip Pure Honey Lemon lip gel! I feel it looks like a lipgloss to me!

In terms of ingredients, it’s more or less the same as Mentholatum Lip Pure Lip balm in fragrance-free, where everything is natural and all about conditioning the lips. And because it has the gentle beeswax formulation with 100% food grade ingredients, it is very gentle even on sensitive skin.

Application is just as easy as applying a colourless lipgloss. No worries about smudging and uneven layers on the lips.

Despite the lip gel comes in pale yellow, it’s basically sheer on my lips.

Maybe it’s the shine, it gives me the perception that my lips are more moisturized when using the lip gel (Honey Lemon) than lip balm (Fragrance-free).

I feel like having lipgloss on my lips! I guess if you are a lip shine lover who is looking at natural ingredients in lipcare products, Mentholatum Lip Pure Honey Lemon lip gel maybe a good choice for you.

Mentholatum Lip Pure retails at S$7.90 each at Watsons, Guardians.


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