#Review# Sexylook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask

Previously, I have only heard of the black deep cleansing masks from KOSE and Daiso. These two are basically in soft clay texture and suppose to harden during masking. They are very effective in removing impurities in the pores and skin detoxifying. The only con for me is, I have to endure the S.H.I.O.K pain while removing the mask.

Recently I get to try out a new mask. It’s a new product from Sexy Look, performing similar functions from those deep cleansing mask, but is in the form of a mask sheet which comes in black.

Sexy Look Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask, made of black cotton, infused with activated carbon to deep cleanse the skin.

It promises to detox the skin, unclog the clogged pores, remove impurities and excess oil sebum on the skin.

The black cotton material is very thin, and seems to me it can be easily torn.

I like how the black cotton mask sheet is able to sit nicely on my face without falling off.

Unlike the stinging sensation that one usually feel when masking deep cleansing mask from Daiso, KOSE, TheBodyShop, my face feels relax and comfy during masking.

Blackcurrent is one of the added ingredients in Sexy Look Intensive Black Cotton mask. It helps with nutrient circulation and gives radiance to the skin.

Other ingredients will be vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant and black pearls which are nurtured in the ocean! They give great mousturization to the skin!

Intensive moisturizing is achieved because of the Rockrose ingredient used in the formulation.

Before masking photo:

Dry skin surface with some redness on my cheeks.

After masking photo:

Moisturized skin with reduction in redness and flakiness. Skin looks cleaner with lesser impurities.

I personally feel Sexy Look Intensive Black Cotton mask serves as a good alternative for those who have a problem with deep cleansing mask which gives stinging sensation during masking.

No more worries about the pain when peeling off the mask sheet from the face!

Other benefits will be intensive hydration level it gives to the skin:

Sexy Look Intensive Black Cotton mask is available at secretive.sg


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