[Food Review] CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza – A Combination of Gyoza and Nuggets!

CP was generous enough to courier me (couple of weeks ago, I was sick, didn’t have the chance to try them out till last weekend) two packs of their new foods’ product, CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza!

My pack of CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza was delivered in this chiller bag which I am quite impressed with. It’s able to keep my gyoza frozen for quite a few hours!

What makes this new product interesting is that, it combines the taste of American nuggets with Japanese gyoza!

For those who loves nuggets and gyoza, worth to give this new product a try.

The fillings are basically like what we usually see in gyoza, the onlu difference is, instead of the dough-made skin in gyoza, it’s the crispy skin we see from nuggets!

CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza is really nothing close to how a gyoza will look. It’s the mouth-watering  fillings and crispy thin crust which got me hooked!

One pack of CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza consists of 12 pieces.

I had them frozen in my fridge, thinking defrost is required before deep-frying. But I was wrong! No defrosting is required and this makes snacking/serving so much convenient! Also no worries about unexpected guests dropping my place. 🙂

When comes to oil-cooking, I am always afraid of oil splattering. Luckily CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza didn’t gave me alot of oil splashes though it made my kitchen a little oily.

Deep-frying was easy, I didn’t have to even worry about smashing the gyoza while cooking!

Inside the fillings, there’s the tender and juicy chicken meat, with a bit of fresh cabbage. I like how thin and crispy the crust is!

They doesn’t taste too oily even when I have them right after taking out from the deep-frying pan.

Gota eat it while it’s hot to really enjoy the taste to the fullest. Mum quite likes it. Its thin crispy crust doesn’t

Product Info
Net weight: 300g
Pack type: Pack
Meal type: Side dish, snack, appetizer, finger food.

No preservatives added!

Convenient cooking method
No defrosting required (straight from freezer to deep-dryer or oven)
Deep-Fryer: Deep-fry at 170-deg C for 2~3 minutes
Over: Bake in preheated 200-deg C for 5~5.5 minutes

CP Japanese Crispy Gyoza is available at NTUC FairPrice outlets and will be available in all leading supermarkets island-wide by mid-August 2012.

Retail price: S$4.60/pack.


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