#Review# Lovemore French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask

Lovemore masks never fail to cheer me up with its uber cute envelope packaging!

I get to try this new flavour, French Caviar which targets on wrinkles & firming.

Have tried this mask twice last week, though I didn’t manage to see any specific results on wrinkles and firming, I notice less flakiness on my dry cheeks!

The scent and the thick essence soaking the mask make masking session very relax.

Photo showing mask sheet on my skin.

A little rave on the mask sheet quality! The material is soft and smooth, almost similar to those cellular mask sheet. It fits nicely and firmly on my face, I can walk around my house with my mask on!

It’s pretty thin, I can almost see through it and it feels like a 2nd layer on my skin!

It’s amazing how such a thin mask sheet can contain so much essence!

4 improvements implemented on Lovemore French Caviar, more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid, good mask sheet quality, smaller essence molecules and better absorption into the skin.

Here’s my before and after photo.

Photo: Before masking

Photo: After masking

Before masking, my cheeks looked a little dry with slight flakiness. With just a 20 mins having Lovemore French Caviar on my face, the hydration remove the dryness.

One of my favourite mask sheets from Lovemore!

Other available flavours from Lovemore are Gold Pearl from South Pacific and Pomegranate from Mediterranean.


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