[I Love Dressing Up!] Tyra Midi Dress from Agneselle

It has been a long time since I bought from Agneselle. One main reason is the sizing issue. I find their sizing inconsistent. Sometimes, the size S is too tight for me , sometimes it’s a little loose. Another reason is their lack of new designs.

It’s only like last October that I decided to give a try. I bought the Tyra midi dress in mint from Agneselle. I didn’t have a lot of long dresses and when I saw how pretty the laced details on the shoulders are, I commented for it at only SGD27, a reasonable price for a midi dress.

The PTP and sizing fit very well on my. But the neckline seems a little too small for my head to tug in and out during wearing and taking off, even when the side zip is unzipped. LOL.

I just have to squeeze and “shrink” abit here and there. No idea what’s wrong with the cutting but I still try to wear it anyway.

There’s no need for me to add on a belt because the elastic band at the waistline looks okay to me on its own.

I tried pairing with a long vintage necklace, looks okay as well.

Then on another occasion, I put on my detachable crocheted necklace.

This detachable necklace is bought during my Taiwan trip, one of my gorgeous buys!

The embellished pearls add a little vintage and radiance look to my outfit.

Sometimes, outfit be can be this simple. Just need to play around with accessories. 🙂


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