[Food Review] High Tea at Covelli Italian Bistro and Wine Bar

I was treated to a high tea session at Covelli Italian Bistro and Wine bar last weekend!

It’s nice to see my name on the seat that has been reserved for me!

The high tea sets tend to vary daily, so it really depends on luck to see what nice savory and sweet food we will be getting.

When comes to high tea session, I am always amazed by the two or triple tier high tea stand. High tea session will not be complete without those tiered- plates!

At Covelli Italian Bistro and Wine Bar, we had a two-tier plate stand.

1st Tier

Left: Tomato Bruschetta
Right: Smoked Duck Bruschetta

2nd Tier

Going clockwise starting from the left:
Apricot Cake, Pistachio Cremeaux, Chocolate Granache, Kahlua Panna Cotta.

The first tier is all about the savoury taste while the 2nd tier displays the cakes belonging to the sweet taste.

For a 2-tier plates high tea set filled with both savoury and sweet food (4 different pastries/cakes), it only costs S$9.90++! Sounds very reasonable right?

Most of you will prolly pick savoury before sweet, but for me,  I couldn’t resist myself and pick the chocolate cake from the sweet tier plate!

For chocolate cake lovers, this is a must-try! Chocolate Granache, has a thick layer of chocolate that melts in my mouth and almost got me wanted to get a 2nd serving! It’s really pure chocolate!

It’s my first time to try Kahlua Panna Cotta. I love how smooth and soft the texture lands on my tongue! Most Kahlua Panna Cotta comes with alcohol. In this case, it’s rum, one of my favourite alcohol for desserts!

For the savoury tier plate,

Smoked Duck Bruschetta is the only savoury dish with meat. The tender meat makes chewing easy. It is placed on the sliced crispy baguette.

Tomato Bruschetta is like a sweet appetizer, simple and average, nothing much to rave about. But I love the fresh tomato, juicy and sweet!

On the drinks menu,

I love the Victorian Rose Tea which I have ordered.

I have a fetish of admiring transparent teapots. I love to see the roses and leaves inside, I think they make the teapot look pretty and exquisite. Too bad, I don’t get to see a lot of rose bugs inside my teapot. Nevertheless, my tea is filled with the gentle and soothing rose scent.

I am not a guru in choosing teapots but I always believe to have a decent teapot, the teapot cap should have at least a rose or a kind of flower for the fingers to grab hold of, while pouring out the floral-scented tea.

A pot of Victorian Rose Tea costs S$8.50, also reasonable, about the same price range for most high tea sessions.

For ladies who loves sweet tea, Grandma’s Garden (one of the popular tea) is a good choice because fruits is added! It also costs S$8.50 for a refillable pot.

Anyway, for a high tea set, choice of coffee or tea is included, at only S$9.90++.

Ladies who are going shopping during this GSS should not miss to dropby Covelli for such a girly high tea session with FREE coffee! More info HERE.

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

181 Orchard Road #B2-13/22
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896


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