[I Love Dressing Up!] My best buys from FabFad.LJ and Smooch!

Sharing with you my best buys from Fabfad! Sometime ago, I got my eyes on two pieces from FabFad.

  • Strappy Ts Back Top
  • Crepe Asymmetrical Skirt

I want to rave about how nice and prompt Rebecca, owner of FabFad, is! Initially my skirt was oos by time I commented. But within 2-3 days when the skirt was available again, Rebecca emailed me the good news and updated me with a revised invoice! I think that’s very nice of her to take note of my previous order!

First love here is the Crepe Asymmetrical Skirt.

I love the translucency of the outer layer!

I pair with with a tight-fitting top in denim blue.

I love how the skirt flows and flares as I walk when the wind blows. 🙂

I added a belt to hide away the elastic band of the skirt.

Second love from FabFad is this Strappy Ts Back Top.

It’s the back design which makes me buy. I think that’s rather unique and airy, feels comfy to wear on a hot day. Am wearing it with a pair of denim shorts, a little casual here.

It’s a little loose for me so I put on a tube top underneath.

The front looks a little plain and that’s when my detachable peter pan collar necklace from Smooch comes in!

I happen to find out another wear of wearing my detachable peter pan collar necklace!

Wearing it the other way round with the ribbons tied infront seems not too bad. Another best buy from Smooch! ❤

Anyway the top is in electric blue, colours matching is very flexible here, black and white have got no issue with it.

Blue x White x Black = Never goes wrong.

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I love blog shopping!


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