#Review# Sunplay Watery Cool Series

Following my review on Sunplay Super Block SPF 130 PA +++, here’s another sunblock review from Sunplay Watery Cool Series,

  • Watery Cool SPF 65 PA +++
  • Watery Cool Body Mist  SPF 75 PA +++

Sunplay Watery Cool SPF 65 PA +++ is pretty similar to Sunplay Super Block SPF 130 PA +++, comes with the patented Solarex 3-in-3 technology:

  1. High long-lasting protection from UVA and UVB rays by reflecting UV rays from the skin
  2. Contains anti-aging ingredients to protect the skin against wrinkles and brown spots.
  3. Contains Hyaluronic Acid which is well known for providing and locking up the moisture on the skin, preventing moisture loss.

Loves its cute bottle which has a shape close to water droplet. Its well-capped packaging ensures no leakage.

Pouring out the sunscreen is easy, I do not have to worry about excess amount being poured because of the small opening tip.

In terms of texture, Sunplay Watery Cool SPF 65 is the same as Sunplay Super Block SPF 130.

Spreading is easy. As I spread, the sunscreen becomes transparent, leaving no white cast on my skin. My skin feel silky smooth and clear.

The difference between Sunplay Watery Cool SPF 65 and Sunplay Super Block SPF 130 is, the former contains menthol which makes the skin feeling cool and refreshing under the sun. My skin smells like menthol during application! 🙂

Sunplay Watery Cool  SPF 65 PA +++  is suitable to be used on face and body.

Sunplay has previously launched a UV mist with SPF 80 PA ++ which I find it so easy to use without staining my hands.

This time, they added a similar product to the Watery Cool series, Sunplay Watery Cool Body Mist SPF 75 PA +++. The difference is the cooling sensation  the new product gives to the body skin during application.

It leaves this menthol minty feel on my skin without making my skin feeling greasy and sticky.

Comes with a nozzle spray, easy to spray on anytime under the sun. This is the sunscreen which keeps my skin cool and protected with its SPF 75 PA +++ and its patented Solarex 3-in-1 technology.

How much to spray depends on individual preferences. I personally give one spray on each area, and spray again as and when I like.

Overall, Sunplay products provide long-lasting high protection for outdoor activities and water sports, and are retailing at affordable prices.

Click on image for a bigger view.


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