[I Love Dressing Up!] Student-looking Blouse

Bought this blouse during my last year’s BKK trip. I fell in love with its minty shade and peterpan flap collar.

I have only worn it once because it makes me feel like a young student. 😦

After ONE YEAR, I decided to give it another chance. This time I paired it with 3/4 pants which I bought from G2000.

Not sure if it’s the pants, I looked kinda weird in it. Anyway, I am not a fan of pants, especially those for office wear!

But due to my new job environment, I have to bear with it for the time being.

Also now that collars are in trend, I am going to keep this piece for another period of time.  (:

Anyway, I try to cheer up my outfit with a pair of wedges!

Wedges are bought during my Taiwan trip.They are super comfy and comes with back zip making it easier to wear.

For those who have been following me at twitter and instragram, you’ll prolly know how often my recent OTD are full of my buys from Taiwan trip. I really miss holidaying there. Can’t wait to go back again!


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