[I Love Dressing Up!] Green x Black

When comes to apparel, I don’t see the need to buy atas brands. It’s not like as if branded outfits will make you look like a star??

For a shopaholic like me who tends to feed the wardrobe and changes into numerous outfits everyday, I have to spend as little as possible on clothes that I know I won’t be keeping them for long. Furthermore, I won’t feel so painful when comes to throwing the unworn clothes away.

Bugis Street is one of my favourite shopping paradise in SG. I am mostly attracted to their $10, $12, $15 and $20 buys. Anything more than $20, I will save my money.

Cheaper item doesn’t mean the quality if going to be very lousy. My tip is to buy those made with non-cotton material.

Check out this 10-dollar green blouse which I bought few months ago at Bugis Street. I must say the material is fab and it’s iron-free.

Initially I wanted to wear it as a dress, but the bottom part alittle too flare and tends to fly up when wind blows. In the end I pair it with leggings, 3/4 pants or shorted underneath.

And because the blouse kind of flare and loose, I add on a belt.

In this case I prefer a black belt with some silver/gold plating so as not to make the outfit looking dull.


Anyway, Bugis Street has become more interesting since few months ago. Level 3 has opened up with more shops and is selling affordable trendy items, just like level 2.

The only disappointment I have is that, most $10 items have hiked up to $12 and $15.  ):


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