I was introduced to Skinbiotics on my first Yacht trip!

Photo extracted from Skinbiotics facebook.

Together with a group of bloggers, we made our way for a yacht trip at One degree 15 Marina!

Thanks to Karen for reminding us a list of items we may need to bring along!

I wasn’t going for the watersport, so I only brought my shades and sunblock!

The main agenda of this trip was to introduce to us the products from Skinbiotics, a beauty supplement for ladies who have skin concerns. Aside from this, it’s basically a rest and relax session for everyone on board.

“We had fun, we had joy, we had seasons in the sun!”

On board with us, we had Doctor David Tan, medical aesthetics from www.dtaesthetics.com.

Doctor Tan shared with us some true and untrue facts  about skincare treatments and products. We sure learnt alot that day!

I was sponsored with 3 boxes of Skinbiotics supplement to try out! Two boxes which target on dull and uneven skintone (for myself) and one box targets on dry, matured and sagging skin (for my mum)!

Today marks my first day trial on the supplements!

The pills are in coral pink!

What I have is REACTIV 01 Skin Lightening And Regeneration. One comes with 50 pills, able to last for 3.5 weeks.

Two pills to be taken with water every morning after food.

Right now, I have 100 pills, enough for me to try out for about 7 weeks, should be enough to see some results as clinical study is able to see visible results after 8 weeks.

What makes Skinbiotics work is one of the ingredient used, Algaplex, a complex blend of compounds including Marine Algae.

A little food chain that discovers the wonders of Marine Algae:

  1. Marine creatures like Krill eat the Aglae.
  2. Fish eats the krill.
  3. We eat the fish which pass down the compound of algae cells to us.

Some studies were conducted and the result was a unparalleled anti aging efficacy on human skin!

This explains why this ingredient is added to Skinbiotics to enhance our skin’s texture and appearance.

Skinbiotics mainly helps to protect, renew, refortify and repair our skin.

It targets skin concerns on skin areas where products like cream and essence cannot reach.

No doubt I have plenty of skincare to take care of my skin, it’s still the best to  boost up my skin underneath with supplements.

Just like we may need vitamins because the food we take in every meal, may not be sufficient to give us the necessary nutrients we need.

Some skin issues that Skinbiotics help:

  • Skin structure
  • Skin smoothness
  • Skintone
  • Fine lines/Wrinkles
  • Radiance
  • Pore size
  • Skin discoloration (Spots)
  • Hydration
  • Blemishes

For my mum, it’s REACTIV 02 AGE Defenze And Renewal.

She has yet to try them out because of her morning rush to work. Gonna set reminder for her!

The 3rd type is REACTIV 03 Age Defenze and Repair is formulated for Oily + Blemished Skin.

It was awesome to have the products presentation on a yacht rented from Charter Yacht! As the yacht making her way out to the sea, I caught so many nice views of the residential area and the beautiful sky!

Interior of the Yacht was very remarkable. Every space in the yacht is fully utilized. There were 4 rooms and 2 restrooms.

Hee, here’s our Skipper/Charter manager, Richard Koh. He is such a fun guy to hang out with! Thanks to Richard, his colleague and Doctor Tan’s wife for preparing the BBQ dinner for everyone on board!

Relaxing myself on the fornt deck as the yacht sailed out into the sea!

Sailing by Kusu Island!

Oh yes, the weather that day was uber hot! The sun was working so hard that all of us applied thick sun block all over!

Me and Chantana

Patricia and me

Thanks Chantana for taking this photo for me! I love it!

Photo extracted from Skinbiotics facebook.
Me, Chantana, Yijing, Verlyn, Feliza and Patricia.

Towards Sunset, we caught some glimpses of the the helicopters flying by with Singapore Flag!

Did you see the crescent of the moon on the photo above?

Sunset happens really fast and every 15 minute, the sky looks different. Luckily I took many shots to keep as momento!

While enjoying our BBQ food, we saw Song-of-the-sea fireworks from the nearby Sentosa Island.

Chilling under the sky with twinkling stars above us, it was an awesome evening with the girls, doctor Tan and the yacht crew.

Before we realize, it was like 10pm!

And slowly we made our way to sail back to mainland. So reluctant!

The night view of One degree 15 Marina was beautiful and quiet. One of the perfect places for chillax!

Thanks to Skinbiotics for this yacht trip! I’ve enjoyed myself!

Skinbiotics are available only at Watsons stores exclusively for the first 3 months from now. Depends on which box, it is retailing at S$138/box and $148/box.

My FOTD look for the yacht trip:

Leaders Clinic tinted sun cream

Za Candylicious Cheeks Groovy in Strawberry Pink

Za True White Two-way foundation

Benefit Brows A-go-go

Za Liquid Eyeliner

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extension Mascara

Natural-looking falsies (top and bottom) bought from Taiwan and Dollywink

My Outfit of The Day:

Close up details on my crochet shorts:

Add a cardigan, incase it’s going to be breezy out in the sea!

Bralet from TVD
Crochet shorts from MLB
Cardigan from MissyPixie


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