[Food Review] Chicken Hotpot at Bedok Point

Another hotpot, steamboat or shabu shabu you may think, but hold yourself and read on!

Tthis hot pot cuisine originates from China and they call it chicken hotpot. The unique thing about this is that, it is not a big pot of soup where you throw the food in to cook. Instead, this is served dry with minimal thick gravy in the hot pot where soup refill is available.

Yes, refillable can be made by adding the house soup to the thick gravy, so as to bring out the best taste in the soup.

Menu is simple, hot pot with 3 kinds to choose from beef, chicken, prawn. It’s my kind of comfort food, sizzling flavoured hotpots served with rice. For dinner for two, I ordered the prawn and beef hotpot.

Prawn hotpot

Prawn hotpot, uniquely prepared and tastes marvelous. The base is made with rich tom yum stock, with generous servings of celery inside, crunchy french fries and crispy fried prawns!

The prawns are deep fried till the shells are crispy enough to be eaten! I can literally eat the whole prawn with the shell and head! Good for those who are lazy to peel the prawns shell!

Although the prawns are deep fried, the meat isn’t drying at all! I still get to enjoy the sweetness from the prawns.

Adding to the surprise, french fries are added to the prawn hotpot which seems quite special, because I see how western food (french fries) is infused with Chinese hotpot. It’s a new food dining experience for myself.

Prawn hotpot is very appetizing and yummy. The fries are surprisingly well deep-fried without being too soggy inside the soup.

Beef Hotpot

Beef is stewed with green pepper, chilli, onion, special spices and seasoning to bring out an aroma of the beef hotpot. I always like beef especially those that are cooked in hotpot. The gravy is very thick and the taste goes very well with white plain rice.

Beef is so soft that you don’t need a iron teeth to chew the meat. Their combination with the green pepper, chilli and onion bring out the sweetness from the meat and passing it onto the soup.

For those who loves eating beef, this is worth to try. 🙂

Other than the 3 flavoured hotpot to choose from, the eatery also offer other sides to add onto the hotpot. Side dishes like mushrooms, fish balls, noodles, etc are all available at an additional affordable cost per plate.

The soup gravy is just like another dipping sauce for the sides. We choose to add my all time favourite instant noodle into the hotpot and no doubt this taste better than maggie mee!

Overall, Chicken hotpot presents to me the unique way of having hotpot.

Chicken Hotpot at Bedok Point

799 New Upper Changi Road
Bedok Point Mall
Singapore 467 351

Tel: +65 6242 2592



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