[Food Review] Dim Sum High Tea Buffet at Swatow

Dim Sum BUFFET anyone??

Following my blogpost on dim sum at 126 Wen Dao Shi, here’s another blogpost on dim sum buffet.

It’s not easy to find good deals on Dim Sum buffet these days. Most of the dim sum buffets are available at reputable hotels and are usually priced at least SGD50 after all the plus plus. So when my partner found out about Swatow and realized the price was less than SGD30/adult for a weekend high tea buffet, we headed straight without hesitation.

During my first visit, we were given a $5-voucher each after the meal, so we thought of bringing mum along for the 2nd visit this time to utilize the vouchers.

Reservation (at least 3 days in advance) is a must at Swatow. Infact even when reservation is made, we still have to arrive early to get a table number.

Buffet time is from 3 to 5pm. But queue usually starts at 2.30pm. And since buffet is 2 hours, do not try to walk-in after 3pm because I doubt you will get a seat.

During the 2-hour buffet, there isn’t any menu. It’s a traditional dim sum service that Swatow provides. What they have is, the waitresses will be pushing dim sum trolleys, walking around the tables, we just have to take whatever we want from the dim sum trolleys.

There were 30 over dim sum for us to choose from. Starting from cold dish like frozen pork, fried tempura, siew mai, har gao, to cold and warm desserts.

Shark’s Fin Soup

Each pax is entitled to one bowl of shark’s fin soup from Swatow. There’s no need to request for it, the servers will serve every table as soon as the customers are seated down. The soup has a bit of sweetness from the bits of fresh crab meat inside.It’s not too starchy and turns out to be very appetizing for me.

Custard Bun (Liu Sha Bao)

One of the highly recommended dish in the house is their custard bun. To be frank, I am not a fan of bun. But the softness in their custard buns got me craving me for 3 pieces! I will say the bun is freshly made with golden egg yolk being wrapped inside. The egg yolk seems to get everyone’s attention to request for it when the pushcart comes! It’s quite an amazing scene to see everyone holding a green bun on their hands at the sametime. 🙂

Shui Jing Bao

Any dishes with prawn inside are must-try! Swatow serves very generous fillings with prawn meat!

When comes to shui jing bao, the skin is translucent, which simply means it’s thin and that makes the meat taste more savoring.

Stir-fried Vegetables

Just when I feel I am meat overdosed, the dim sum trolley came with plates of stir-fried vegetables!

The vegetables are stir-fried under the correct heat, and that makes chewing easy. If you are lucky, your plate may include 2-3 pieces of sliced mushrooms!

Almond Longan

My favourite dessert to end the buffet is almond longan. Fresh longan, the dessert tastes refreshing with the perfect sweetness level!

Point to Note: No matter how much you eat, save a little space for xiao long bao, which is usually served 1-2 dishes before desserts!

Swatow Dim Sum buffet is from 3 to 5pm. Business Hours is from 8am to 10.30pm daily.

Swatow Restaurant Pte Ltd

Blk 181 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310181

Tel: 6363 1717
Fax: 6252 2342

Website: http://swatow.com.sg/


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