My June Vanity Trove!

I wasn’t aware of the special May trove last month and kept thinking I had missed receiving my trove!

Finally after clarification with VT, then did I realised for May, the normal subscription had stopped and only subscribers who had made another $25.00 were entitled for the May trove.

That was so confusing and I felt kind of disappointed, I means what’s the hype about, why can’t the subscription just continue as usual even if it’s all about Mother’s Day celebration?

Anyway I blame myself for miss reading the email, which is why I wasn’t aware about it.

So embarrassed of having myself chasing the VT team for the “missing May trove” when obviously I wasn’t entitled for it.

I did a google and realized I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t aware of this May trove request-for-subscription.

Anyway, the June trove came earlier this time.Wish the troves can actually arrive around the same week each month, rather than being earlier or later, which makes it so hard to track our subscriptions.

This month’s June trove looks not bad, so much better than my April trove. Of course my March trove is still the best, AstaLift. 🙂

Because of the Essential Haircare, the vanity trove box was filled with sweet fruity scent. I have actually tried the haircare from Essential before. I must say they really soften my hair, and makes my hair smelling nice for like 8 hours!

The skin treatment mask (Mizu Fairness) from Erabelle has my most attention! It’s retailing quite expensive at Erabelle counters. S$107 for 5 sheets!

Also, there are also two sachets of Skin Inc My Daily Dose “Skin Loves It” Jelly. These are something pretty similar to collagen drinks, meant for consumption and targets on skin brightening, anti-aging, and skin hydration.

Another worth-to-mention product will be the Ettusais BB Mineral Cream. I have yet to try it but it seems good.

There is also a travel-sized Enavose Essencious Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF45, a Yadah Lip Crayon and a sachet of The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Whitening Serum.

For the Act-Q-patch, I gave it to my mum. She tried it and commented it didn’t work on her aching shoulders and backache.

That’s all for my June trove. The items inside here are definitely worth more than the S$25 bucks subscribers pay.

To subscribe for your own trove, click HERE.


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