Cassette Tape – Do you know what’s that?

I wonder how many young people these days still know what cassette tapes are? They seem to be rich and can afford luxury lifestyle and dining at restaurants!

I happened to chance upon the above beautiful collections last weekend.

I was born at the time when cassette tapes were main source for recording songs from the surrounding and radio. It was like when I grew up, then CDs came in.

Back then CDs were damn expensive, an album would cost about S$20-S30, and most of the times I bought from Pasar Malam, yes the pirated ones. *Oops!*

I have forgotten what the occasion was, Dad bought me a radio (also damn expensive!) which also comes with two cassette tape compartments and a CD reader.My Dad has been thrifty since years ago, when I found out he spent 3 digit to buy me that radio, I was uber happy and my world was filled with joy!

When most of my friends were still listening to cassette tapes, and while the rich ones were listening to CD, I would go to Popular Bookstore to buy those empty cassette tape, borrowed their cassette tapes and CDs, and record the songs using my EXPENSIVE radio! Yes, I was that cheapo and pirated! But I didn’t care, no one would really know what, I was only listening at home.

Oh ya, incase you aren’t aware, I am not as old as what you think la. Walkman still exist, but when CDs came in, walkman was a legend. What’s a Walkman? Haha, go figure it out~ I could only say it’s also one of the best inventions those days!

So what songs was I addicted to?

My very first idol was…..

Aaron Kwok!

But! His albums were expensive, I couldn’t afford to buy! Sad lor!

Inorder to show my support for him, I had to steal my Dad’s coinbox full of 20-cent coins to buy Idol Cards. WHat’s Idol Cards? Haa! Don’t know how to say, I only remembered it’s a small coloured card with celebrity’s photo, and behind stated his personal profile, things like name, birthday, achievements, favourite colour etc.

Other than Aaron Kwok, alot of HongKong pop singers were also famous.

One hit song which was played all over SG was….

Jacky Cheung – 吻别!

The MTV, I still remembered… very blue-ish night scene at an alley or something. The female model starred in the MTV was Zhou Hai Mei, sexy babe!

What about boy bands?

Yes there were!

Seriously, IMO, the songs from boybands were so much better than these days ones…

I remembered whenever there’s a school dance performance, most students would choose….


But I wasn’t a fan of them! Haha, I was on love with小虎队! But when the band members went to their separate ways because Nicky Wu had to go to the Army, they became less popular.

How about English pop? I was a crazy young girl and supported those boyish boybands lor. Come to think of it, they weren’t that great in singing.

The only boyband I respected of because of their vocal is….

Take That!

I bet no one hardly talk about the idols I was crazy about anymore, afterall they have grown old.

Nevertheless, they were once THAT hot and idolized by my friends and I.


5 thoughts on “Cassette Tape – Do you know what’s that?

  1. I know what is that. I only managed to listen to them when I still young. During my generation, it is already CD, the last cassette I listened should be Fan Xiao Xuan’s Jiang Kang Ge…

    • Haha, cassette tapes have got their problem lor, the tapes tend to tangle up, then gota use pencil to roll them back. And there would some parts of the song missing! Haha!

  2. Wee… guess what.. Aaron also my very first Idol back then.. I got all his cassette… but I dump them all when I change new funitures(dont ask me why, BUT I very very 后悔咯!)

    And Take That!! Gary Barlow is my hero… I was flying when they came back years ago!!!! Their pictures book were soooooooo expensive (back then la! But I still bought it anyway… and it still look mint NOW)

    • Yay! same, Aaron kwok, shuai!

      i dump my pirated as well… haa! keep liao also useless lor, no one appreciate his songs these days…
      Those old songs are still the best!

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