[Food Tasting Session] Tang Hong Kong Gourmet

I was invited for a food tasting session at Tang Hong Kong Gourmet last Monday. This restaurant is owned by celebrity Chef Benson Tong, who has appeared and won the championship in a culinary challenge.

Interior of  restaurant is mainly in orange and black theme. The servers were all wearing in black with an orange apron. Signboard is in orange whereas furniture are are in black.

The place is clean and spacious. The air inside the restaurant is not oily and stuffy.

Chef Benson and his staff are very nice and friendly people. They are very prompt when comes to serving the food, clearing the empty plates, and attending to my request for a glass of ice water.

When comes to dining, customer service plays an important factor in satisfying customer needs. As a customer, I will want cosy, comfortable and easy dining experience.

Tang Hong Kong Gourmet do not really serve Hong Kong delights like dim sum,  variety of roasted meat and wanton noodle. It’s actually a fusion of chinese and western cuisine.

The prices are very very very affordable! Almost every dish comes below S$10 and S$20.

Steam fishhead at ONLY $16.90?! O.O

Unlike most Hong Kong cafes which serve Yuan Yang, Ice Milk Tea, Coffee etc, I see Home Made Chrysanthemum with Wolf Berry! That is such a nice drink for beauty! 🙂

Upon seated down everyone was served a very refreshing Pink Guava drink.

Before we started the food tasting session, Chef Benson treated us a bowl of complimentary soup! And yep, it contains Celery, beauty food, I like!

Tang signature dish: Peking Duck! Check out the crispy skin! OMG!

There are also chilli, cucumber and spring onion for us to go along with the duck skin. Yep, wrap everything and heaven is the word! I am a fan of crispy meat skin, fats don’t matter anymore here!

Tang Sweet n Spicy Fish Head is one of the value-for-money dish to order! Its gravy which has the taste of chilli and garlic make the the fish meat soft and juicy.

Here’s the Coconut Milk Prawns, seems like the prawns and dough have gone thru the deep fried process, followed by some dips in the paste which seems not too bad for my liking.

The Chicken Chop comes in deep dried strips. To keep the skin crispy like those from KFC, the meat here is in thin layer. Most crispiness comes from the skin. I won’t recommend this dish if you are looking at the meat because focus is on the crispy skin.

Above here is Spicy Deep Fry White Bait. It’s a kind of fish meat comes in spicy taste like Twisties. Very crunchy!

How about a tray of Mini Lobsters at ONLY S$9.90? Yes it’s true! This tray of mini lobsters come in 6 pieces at such affordable price, doesn’t matter if I am at the poor time of the month, to spend less than $10 bucks to enjoy mini lobsters is just as shiok!

But they come with chilli padi, not for those who can’t take spicy food! :c

Crispy Noodle which is served in single-person portion. I have quite a high tolerance when comes to saltiness. At the food tasting session, quite a few bloggers felt it’s too salty for their liking. So if you are keen to try out this dish, do request for less salt/MSG.

Even when it’s only a small portion, the crispy noodle is served with generous pieces of duck meat. Now who says cheaper food will be served with lesser meat portion?

Double Boil White Fungi with Papaya is another beauty dessert that I recommend! This bowl of dessert is served in cold sweet soup with generous dose of papaya and white fungi!

Keen to try out the food by Chef Benson Tong?

LIKE Tang HK Gourmet facebook page to stay updated with the dining promotion!

And while dining at Tang Hong Kong Gourmet, you can also tag them in your instagram and twitter with this hashtag: #Tanghkgourmet to share what dishes you are having! Have fun!

Tang Hong Kong Gourmet is located at:

116 Neil Road
Singapore 08853

The nearest MRT stations will be Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown, within walking distance to the restaurant.

Reservation number: 64384762

Opens daily from 11:30 am to 10 pm.


During this June, I will be doing another 5 food blogposts. So, food lovers, don’t miss it!


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