Brazilian Wax at Pink Parlour

Did you read about my Brazilian Waxing experience at Strip? If you are doing a comparison on Brazilian Waxing experiences, here’s my review at Pink Parlour.

For all my previous appointments with Strip, I purposely chose a weekend to do my treatment, so that I could take my shower before the treatment. Having the appointment on a weekend will mean I can head straight for the treatment after leaving the house, there’s no worry about being embarrassed if there’s an odor.

But it’s also pain for me when my weekend schedule is very packed, and there are times I am feeling so lazy to head out.

One day, I was discussing with my colleague on how to deal with the bad odor when going for a Brazilian wax.

Thanks to her who told me about this showering facility at Pink Parlour!

What I like about the service at Pink Parlour is because I get to shower myself before the wax. It’s very embarrassing to have your bottom naked when it has an odor, especially after a long day out.

And the cute pinky slippers for us to wear to the bathroom and treatment.

Since my colleague has a package there, I decided to use one of her sessions to try out the service. Another plus point at Pink Parlour is, customers get to share package as long as we mention the correct name whom the package is tagged with. πŸ™‚

My therapist was Chanel. She was fast in her service and tried to distract my attention by having casual conversation with me throughout the session.

Inside the treatment room, there were bottles of bodycare products, but not all were being used on me.

At Pink Parlour, there’s this pink kitty on every bed, which serves as a de-stresser for those who are afraid of pain during the Brazilian wax session.

My session was very quick, less than 10 minutes and I was done. I couldn’t remember how many waxing strips I had. Chanel did some touch-up for me as well. Touch-up refers to plucking off the few strands that were not removed during the wax because of its short length, or inner location.

Like I said before, the pain during Brazilian Wax is bearable and the whole process is really fast, accurate and before you realize it, it’s done.

When you find the wax is a little too warm for the skin, always feel free to let the therapist knows, she knows what she can do to make you feel comfortable.

And of course, there’s strictly no double dip. Each stick is dipped into the hot wax, apply once, and is thrown before a new stick is picked for the next dip.

I am not sure about the package price at Pink Parlour, but with my friend’s package, I paid about SGD30 or SGD35 for one session. πŸ™‚


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