Summer’s Eve – Your Feminine Care Expert!

If you are new to feminine care, perhaps this blog post can serve as a guide to get yourself introduced to what are the available products that you can try.

We are living a modern era when ladies and men are of equal status, so there’s really no need to feel embarrass when talking about feminine care products when they all about maintaining body hygiene. So, please do not feel too shy to discuss about feminine care with your girlfriends!

Summer’s Eve is America’s #1 brand of feminine care. The products are gynecologist tested, allergy tested, and have proven to provide the professional care as a brand of feminine care expert.

Why do you need feminine care?

Just like how we use a facial cleanser and skincare to nourish the face, we also need a separate feminine care product for our external virginal area.

Whether you’re a sassy girl who has just entering the adulthood, a busy career woman who spends most of the time at work, a mother-to-be or is already a mother, Summer’s Eve provides you a wide range of Feminine care to suit everyone’s daily needs and preferences!

One of the annoying days are when the menses come. Feminine odor happens due to vaginal discharge, perspiration and urinary leakage. This is where feminine care products come in to keep the external virginal are fresh and clean.

Busy working lady like me, there are times when I have to face my computer for so long that I hardly have time for toilet breaks during the day. But this is not an excuse for not keeping “that area” fresh and clean! I won’t want to be in a situation when there’s an odor /itchiness coming while talking to colleagues, that will be so embarrassing!

I attended a bloggers event last month and learnt quite abit about feminine care products which I find them value-for-money and I highly recommend my female readers to try them out.

I have started using my sponsored products from Summer’s Eve, and I am quite impressed with the comfort the products gave.

Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash
To cleanse away odor-causing bacteria. No worries about the pH because the feminine wash has the same pH as our external vaginal area. And incase you aren’t aware, using body shower products may cause vaginal irritation “down there”.

Available for normal (Delicate Blossom) and sensitive skin types.

Available in $11.30 (8oz) and $12.30 (8oz).

I am currently using the normal skin type, and I love it to bits! The wash is pretty mild and gentle, it has a light floral scent and doesn’t cause any irritation to my skin. It isn’t very soapy and that makes rinsing easy.

Psst, my mum is using it too! ^.^

Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Wipes
These flushable wipes containing Aloe and Vitamin E are my top pick in Summer’s Eve feminine care. Because it’s flushable, I can easily dump into the toilet bowl after use, just like how I usually flush the toilet tissue. I don’t even have to worry about choking the toilet bowl!

Available for normal and sensitivity skin types.

One box contains 16 sachets. Each sachet is for one piece of wipe, a one-time use and can be conveniently slotted into my bag and I can use it anytime I need. I specially use it between sanitary pad or panty liner changes. The wipes will just freshen up the skin instantly and I really feel very good about it, no worries about feminine odor at work!

Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Mist
For those who has another preference, Summer’s Eve has a cleansing mist to suit your needs! Just by spraying onto external vaginal area and wipe dry with toilet tissue during toilet breaks, the skin feels equally fresh and comfortable.

Available for normal and sensitive skin types.

Spraying is very easy, the only hassle I feel is that I gota bring the bottle in and out of the toilet.I will prefer the flushable wipes to the mist because I can just dispose the wipes after use.

The wash, wipes and mist all about keeping the vaginal area fresh and clean.

How about something that can absorb the odor and moisture (from perspiration) to prevent smelling?

That will be … … …

Summer’s Eve Feminine Powder
For ladies who sweat alot, this is product comes in handy! Summer’s Eve Feminine Powder is (of course) in powdery form, and is meant to neutralize odor and keep the external vaginal area fresh and cool.

Available in travel-sized!

Available for Normal skin type.

I use this powder before heading out on a sunny day when I know I’m going to be outside perspiring and may not have the chance to visit the toilet.

I will just have to sprinkle some powder onto my panties (or panty liner if you are wearing) before wearing. Alternatively, I can pour out an moderate amount of the powder onto my palm, and pat them on my external vaginal area. The powder helps to absorb moisture 25 times more effectively than talc-based products because of their cornstarch-based formula.

In a hot and humid weather in SG, these 4 Summer’s Eve Feminine Care products (reviewed above) are sufficient for me. But if you are interested to find out more, do visit their facebook page at: 🙂

Back at the bloggers event, other than products introduction and trial, we had a feminine hygiene talk which was very informative.

Photo extracted from Summer’s eve facebook: Bloggers trying out products.

A little knowledge to share:

[1] Fret not when comes to vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is just our body’s natural way of cleaning and moistening the vagina. It’s normal if it’s clear or cloudy, white or off-white in colour. The colour, texture and amount of discharge vary during the menstrual’s cycle.

[2] Vaginities means inflammation of the vagina. It causes itch, odor or abnormal discharge. Usually caused by hormones change, tight-fitting clothes and wrong use of products (too high or low pH) for the vaginal area.

In any cases if you experience abnormal changes and situation doesn’t seem to improve, do consult a doctor for help.

We also had a Zumba workout session taught by Charlotte, owner of LifeSparks gym. OMG, the 20-30 minutes nonstop workout which consists of Kpop, hollywood dancing, aerobics really got all of us  into deep sweat! But it’s fun yeah!

Photo extracted from Summer’s eve facebook: Zumba workout session.

Photo extracted from Summer’s eve facebook: I won a prize in the event lucky draw! Lucky me!

Photo extracted from Summer’s eve facebook: Sogurt presentation.

Finally we indulged ourselves in refreshing yogurt (by Sogurt) and food. We were really hungry after Zumba workout session, and the yogurt really came at the right time! If you think yogurt is fattening, then you are wrong! Owner of Sogurt shared with us how yogurt can be part of our healthy diet without adding too much fats to our body!

Photo extracted from Summer’s eve facebook: Ju Ann & I enjoying yogurt from Sogurt. And yes, we were wearing dresses while doing Zumba!

The yogurt from Sogurt are as tasty as icecream!

Sogurt facebook page:

Keen to redeem Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash for free?

You can choose to scan this Summer’s Eve QR Code to catch more details,

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Go to, enter iovesummercoupon code after you check out the items.

*(In addition, you can redeem other product samples up to 23 items as a new member)

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SG FreeBee facebook page:

Summer’s Eve products are available in Watson’s, Guardian and all leading pharmacies, clinics, cosmetics houses and departmental stores.


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