#Review# RoC Soft Soothing Scrub

How about a soft soothing scrub in pink tube?

Everyone has been told about the basic skincare steps: cleanse, tone, moisturize. But do you know that if there is a barrier on the skin’s surface, no matter how hardworking we try to follow the 3 steps, they are still of no use? Reason is because the barrier is preventing the skin to be thoroughly cleansed and nourished.

Barrier refers to the accumulation of dead skin cells. As we age, our skin ages. And the more we age, the more dead skin cells that will be accumulated on skin’s surface. This is also when, clogged pores, blemishes and skin roughness happen.

Cleansing is not enough to remove this layer of dead skin cells but exfoliation does! A common term of exfoliation is scrub. Exfoliate/Scrub usually contains microbeads in-mix with cream, to be used on dry skin with a bit of massage before rinsing.

There are many types of exfoliating products in the market, with different exfoliating beads sizes. Some are used on dry skin, while some are to be used on damp skin.

RoC Soft Soothing Scrub comes with very gentle microbeads, and is suitable to use at 3 times per week, on damp skin. It contains 2 different beads’ size to provide efficient and mild exfoliation.

Pink bead: Comes in irregular shapes with angles and ridges to ensure the dead skin cells are scrubbed off. These pink beads are made with Polythelene, pretty soft and gentle. When I scrub them on my skin, I don’t feel any harshness.

White clay: It’s Bentonite, a kind of natural clay that helps to remove the greasiness and dirt on skin surface.

When the scrub is in contact with water, it turns into a soft creamy gel texture, and is very easy to spread onto my skin without much skin tugging.


There’s visible lines and a little shine because of the dry skin.


Fine lines are less visible, skin looks/feels soft and smooth!!

Above demo is done on my hand which has quite abit of dryness and fine lines, I thought it’s a better illustration to show the before-and-after photos.

I have been using the RoC Soft Smoothing Scrub on my face for the past few weeks. When I first started using it, the result that I had was a softer and smoother face! My face didn’t look dull, but looking more moisturized.

Serum and moisturizer absorption has turned better ever since I started using the scrub.

My skin smells nice during the application. The light scent smells calming.

It’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

RoC Soft Smoothing Scrub (125ml)  is retailing at SGD30, and is available at selected Guardian, Watsons, Nishino Shaw House and Essential pharmacy in SG.


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