Marc Anthony – Haircare and Hairstyling products that give the “Just-out-of-Salon” look!

Marc Anthony Hair Care is coming to town! Yes, a wide range of hair styling products from this brand will be exclusively available at the Watsons stores!

Last month, I was invited to Marc Anthony hair event to witness the transformation of different hairstyles on 3 ladies, using hair styling products from Marc Anthony.

Marc Anthony is the hair styling expert in the Hollywood. He and his team had styled for many celebrities including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, Fergie, Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber and many more at prestigious events like the Oscars, Emmy’s, Grammy’s and Toronto’s International Film Festival.

Marc Anthony truly understands the kind of hairstyle and hair care which everyone needs these days. We all want something that is easy to use, easy to achieve and value for money, don’t we?

Vision of Marc Anthony is to help everyone to achieve that kind of hair styles which one usually comes out from the salon and ensure the styles are maintained wherever we are. This explains the wide variety of products under the Marc Anthony brand name.

Available range of Products which are coming to SG this month:

Strictly Curls

Strictly Curls Curl Defining Shampoo – S$16.90
Strictly Curls Frizz Sealing Conditioner – S$16.90
Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion – S$18.90
Strictly Curls Curl Enhancing Styling Foam – S$21.90
Strictly Curls Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream – S$18.90

This range is suitable for curled hair. We all know that after a hair perm, the curls tend to get loosen and messy after sometime. We need some hair products to maintain the curls without further damage.

Strictly Curls help to moisturize and protect the hair with ingredients like Soya Bean, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. The products are able to enhance the curls and give them a natural shine, keeping the hair looking fresh all the time.


bye.bye.Frizz 30-day No Frizz Keratin Smoothing Treatment – S$29.90
bye.bye.Frizz Keratin Smoothing Shampoo – S$19.90
bye.bye.Frizz Keratin Smoothing Conditioner – S$19.90

The best product for those who hate frizzy hair! We all know how difficult those frizz can be, and how unglam our hair can look with the antennas all over the hair.

But thanks to bye.bye.Frizz, taming the frizzy hair is easy! How frizzy hair happen is because of hair cuticle which is flat or open, light is unable to reflect. With Keratin inside bye.bye.Frizz, it is able to smoothen and moisturize the cuticles, ensuring a good light reflection on the cuticle surface to achieve a natural shine. When the cuticles are smoothened, hair stand is  straightened and frizzy hair is gone.

Instantly Thick

Instantly Thick Hair Thickening Shampoo – S$16.90
Instantly Thick Weightless Volumizing Conditioner – S$16.90
Instantly Thick Hair Thickening Serum – S$16.90
Instantly Thick Full Blow Out Lotion – S$16.90

For those who have fine and/or limp hair, this is the one for you! When comes to long straight hair, the weight tends to pull down the hair and makes the hair top flat with minimal volume. This is something I am sure we do not want to see right?

Instantly Thick helps to boost up the hair volume instantly. It contains Hydrolyzed Corn, Soy and Wheat Proteins that penetrate into the hair and strengthen each hair strand. With this formula, a volumized and long lasting hair is easily achieved without any heat damage to the hair.

Moisture Gloss

Moisture Gloss Brilliant Shine Shampoo – S$16.90
Moisture Gloss Brilliant Shine Conditioner – S$16.90

Moisture Gloss collection is to give the hair a long-lasting shine.

Contains a unique micro-refined Silicone formula which penetrates deep into the hair core, so that the hair can shine from the inside out.

Left: Moisture Gloss
Right: Brilliant Color

Brilliant Color

Brilliant Color Color Lock Shampoo – S$16.90
Brilliant Color Color Lock Conditioner – S$16.90

This award-winning range helps to lock and maintain the colour and shine for colored-hair.

Contains Provitaming B5 and Citrus.

Damage Repair

Damage Repair Healing Shampoo – S$16.90
Damage Repair Healing Conditioner -S$16.90
Damage Repair Intensive Healing Treatments – S$18.90

By the name itself, it’s pretty obvious that this range focuses on repairing damaged hair.

It uses Pro Vitamin B5 and Soya Bean to moisturize the hair inside out, improves hair’s elasticity and reduce breakage.

Dream Waves

Dream Waves Beach Spray – S$21.90

The Dream Waves Beach Spray is all about giving the hair a volumizing look with natural looking big curls and light waves.

Suitable for both straight and wavy hair!

Left: Dream Waves Beach Spray
Right: Pro Finish Ultimate Hold Spray

Pro Finish

Pro Finish Ultimate Hold Hairspray – S$21.90

This is like the must-use product and the Marc Anthony Stylist Team loves it! There is holding power and shine power. It doesn’t make the hair feel sticky or flaky.

Contains ProVitamin B5 and Aloe.

Back at the event, we had 3 bloggers who have their hair styled by Marilisa Corseau who has worked with Marc Anthony. Marilisa demonstrated to use how 3 different kinds of curls can be achieved within a few minutes by using the styling products of Marc Anthony. She’s a fun lady who shared with us some of her interesting stories on her experiences when working with the famous Celebrity Hair Stylist.

See how gorgeous those curls are on the 3 bloggers!

Met up with a few bloggers at the event, and we had an enjoyable night chatting with one another and make new friends.

I have brought home a few products from the event and reviews will be up at later date.

Marc Anthony hair care and hair styling products will be available at Watsons this month June 2012.

So keep a look out for them!


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