#Review# The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter

Applying body care is really not what I like to do despite my skin is getting drier each day. I must confess I have been lazy when comes to body moisturizing. Body care products give me the impression of leaving my body sticky and oily, makes it so uncomfortable to sleep or at work.

I usually apply on my hands and if there’s excess, I will put them on my calves. A closer view on my legs, some areas on the skin look like dry-scaly texture, and this means my skin is really very dry!

Luckily for me, Cozycot and The Body Shop have recently sponsored me a tub of body moisturizer.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter, provides an almost 24-hour hydration to the skin, with cold-pressed satsuma oil formulated inside.

Body care products from The Body Shop have been well-known for its sweet, fruity scent all these years. I am still in love with their Shower Gel in Peach, scent, everytime after a shower, the bathroom is filled with the nice peachy scent!

So it Satsuma Body Butter! It has a light orangy scent which is body-refreshing and mind-soothing.

The word “butter” used to be scaring me, giving me the impression it’s going to make my skin feeling oily. But I was wrong all these while.

I will just have to use the right amount of Satsuma Body Butter, I can still achieve moisturized skin without making it any sticky and oily!

See my scaly skin? Looks so disgusting.. 😦

Spreading the Satsuma Body Butter all over my legs!

Spreading is easy. As I spread, my hand and fingers get moisturized too!

Check out my before-and-after photos below! Notice how my scaly skin turns less scaly-looking?



Same results when I apply on my arms. Hydration is very long-lasting and my skin feels as if there’s a layer of protection on it.

Finally found a body cream that suits me! Looking forward to a healthy-looking skin with Satsuma Body Butter! ❤


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