#Review# Pola Signs Solution Eye Zone Mask

Most of eye masks which I’ve seen are targetting on undereye areas. Pola Signs Solution Eye Zone Mask has an additional benefit of taking care of the cheeks area when comes to using eye mask.

Sharing with you my review on Pola Signs Solution Eye Zone Mask, made in Japan.

Each sachet contains a pair of eye masks. Instead of the gel-like material, Pola Signs Solution Eye Zone Mask is made of soft and gentle cloth-like material for the delicate skin.

The pair of eye masks are heavily soaked with essence inside the sachet. Despite the thick essence, there’s no sign of essence dripping from the eye masks during masking. The whole masking process was messy-free and I can move around with the eye masks placed intact on my skin.

The pair of eye masks can be separated easily without any tear. The cloth-like material seems to be of high-quality and pretty durable.

I place the eye masks under my eyes area, with a little distance away from my eye line.

I like how the mask sheets are able to mask my cheeks at the same time. During the 10-minute masking, I experience a bit of tightness on my skin. It feels like the eye masks are giving the skin some lifting and firmness.

There is quite abit of essence left on my skin after masking. Instead of a simple massage, I give the eye zone and cheeks area some light patting for the essence to be absorbed.

When comes to eye zone, patting will be a better alternative to massage because it involves less pulling and tugging of the delicate skin. Always remember, the skin around eyes area is 5 times thinner than the rest of the skin on the face. Patting also help to firm up the skin.

Here are the before-and-after photos. It’s amazing how Pola Signs Solution Eye Zone Mask has reduced the puffiness on my eyes by just one application.



Notice how much my fine lines have turned less deeper than before?

My eyes area feels very moisturized after masking. There’s no need for me to follow up with an eye cream after that.

Pola Signs Solution Eye Zone Mask is to be used once a week, at night before sleep.

If you are keen, you may want to pre-order at AllDealsAsia.

This blogpost has also been posted at AllDealsAsia Fun Blog.


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