Picked! Winners from Za giveaway!

Hi Ladies!

I have picked 3 of you (instead of 2) as the winners for my Za giveaway.
I actually have 3 iphone covers and 2 baby lip balms. So I have substituted the 3rd (shortage) lip balm with another product from Za.

Here are the winners:

  1. emobkworm1113 (Iphone cover with baby lipbalm)
  2. Jing En (Iphone cover with baby lipbalm)
  3. Arleendee (Iphone cover with a mysterious product from Za)

For all those who aren’t picked, I am very sorry! Hope you will still participate in my next giveaway —– face mask sheets from Secretive.SG.

Meanwhile, the L’oreal bloghopping contest is still on-going, will be ending on 15th June 2012.

If you have managed to unscramble the 5 words, do share with your friends. The more correct answers received by L’oreal, the higher chances my team will win, and all participating readers from the winning group will receive L’oreal Paris star product Youth Code Boosting Essence worth $39.90 each!
Thanks for joining!



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