Sexy Look VIP Bloggers Event – Sexy Look has limited edition Hello Kitty Masks!!

My May month has been a fabulous one. I had toothpaste overdose, I had cosmetics overdose, and the most over dosage I had was facial mask sheets!

Secretive.Sg has mailed me boxes of mask sheets for review this month. And I was also invited to one of their Sexy Look VIP Bloggers event to witness the beauty of the products.

Hello Kitty fans will NOT want to miss reading this entry of mine. Yep, Sexy Look has brought in Hello Kitty masks and I brought a few pieces home!

Please continue reading/scrolling to check out my review on Sexy Look Hello Kitty mask! It’s gonna be a very long post here!

Some highlights of the event that happened that day:
Product presentation
Mini contest
Photo taking session
Ice Cream on the toast

I was given a customized handmade notebook with special product notes handwritten on random pages, our nametag for a lucky draw, a wooden pencil which brought out the old-school and vintage feel, and a flower rubber band clip which had 3-ways of wearing, on the ponytail, corsage on the wrist, or a brooch on the blouse. Everything looked so lovely on the table!

At the event, I was introduced to 8 double lifting mask sheets from Sexy Look. Earlier, I have a few reviews on them; I must say that they never fail to give me good results. Click HERE for my past reviews!

Out of the 8 Sexy Look masks I saw at the event, I was sponsored 3 to try out.

  • Sexy Look Pink Moisturizing Double Lifting Mask
  • Sexy Look White Brightening Double Lifting Mask
  • Sexy look Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask

Reviews will be done on a separate blog post.

But just to share a brief introduction on what the 3 Sexy Look masks are all about, all 3 have the double lifting effects where the chin, jaw lines and cheeks are well-lifted during masking.

Sexy Look Pink Moisturizing Double Lifting Mask

Who loves rose? I do! Rose may not be my favourite flower but it’s one of my favourite plant extracts in skincare. Rose has been well-known for calming the skin. Its light floral scent helps to relax the mind and the body. Even just by having a stalk of rose or some rose petals in my room, I feel relax. Having a mask sheet with rose scent on my face, is like an extra perk for self pampering.

Other than the scent, rose also helps to give a brightening effect to dull-looking skin. Sexy Look Pink Moisturizing Double Lifting Mask also contains collagen to enhance the lifting effect.

Sexy Look White Brightening Double Lifting Mask

If you are into whitening, Sexy Look White Brightening Double Lifting Mask maybe something you are looking for.

It contains rose water which helps to rejuvenate the skin. Inside the essence, there are also peony and lily extract, and that’s not all, there is a precious gem in the essence! What’s the gem? It’s platinum!

With all these ingredients, Look White Brightening Double Lifting Mask is able to improve skin’s elasticity and fine lines delay.

Sexy Look Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Mask

Heard of black pearl? It has been a common ingredient in mask sheets these days. Infact black pearl is great for brightening result.

Main ingredients are black pearl, white truffles, aloe vera, cucumber, tranexamic acid, barley extract and many other whitening extracts. The final result after masking is a brightened up skintone, moisturized skin. Long-term usage may even helps to lighten pigmentation.

More double lifting masks available at Secretive.Sg.


Though I am not a big fan of Hello Kitty, I couldn’t wait to try out the Hello Kitty’s first! I bet this is what most of my readers will be keen to know too?

So here are the super cute mask sheets which has Hello Kitty face on the packaging.

3D Duo Lifting range.

Moisturizing range.

Being a pink lover, I picked the 3D Dou Lifting Hello Kitty with a pink ribbon to review.

Do not be deceived and think that the essence is not alot. Because right after masking when I removed my mask, gosh, my face was very well-hydrated!

I could feel the essence on my face and massaging took the essence awhile to be absorbed.

A faster way to absorb the essence will be by patting. Just when 80% of the essence were absorbed, I massage my face with the remaining essence till my skin doesn’t feel sticky anymore.

Here are my Before-and-After photos,



Aside from the cute packaging, quality of the mask sheet is good. It absorbs a whole lot of essence and and when placing the mask sheet on my face, the essence gets absorbed after 15 minutes.

I am very satisfied with the level of moisture the mask gives to my skin. And of course the nice scent that comes along with the essence.

More available Hello Kitty masks (3D and non-3D) from Sexy Look:

Hello Kitty Sensitive Amethyst Double Lifting Mask

Hello Kitty Brightening Firming White Rose Duo Lifting Mask

Hello Kitty Ultra Moisturising Pink Sakura Duo Lifting Mask

Moisturizing range

Sexy Look Moisturizing & Whitening Rose Mask (Bright pink with polka dots ribbon), Sexy Look Hyaluronic Acid Whitening and Moisturizing Mask (Light baby pink with polka dots ribbon), Sexy Look Q10 Rosehip Brightening Moisturizing Mask (Red ribbon).

Visit Secretive.Sg for more details.

A mini game I played at the event was to answer questions relating to Sexy Look products based on some hints given by the nice folks from Secretive.Sg.

The game had sure further enhance my knowledge on Sexy Look masks, especially its natural ingredients in the formula! It’s simply awesome to have natural ingredients, especially plant and floral extracts in skincare, I love the soothing sensation they usually give to me skin.

Because the company has been so generous to my blog, I am going to be generous in return to my readers by having giveaway for those masks soon! Keep a lookout on my instagram (user name – sunkisstiffy) and twitter (user name – sunkisstiffy)


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