#Review# Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm

Received a Lip Balm sponsorship from Mentholatum Lip Ice (SG) and The Sample Store.

Japan’s Number 1 Lipcare brand, Mentholatum LipIce, has launched a new organic lipbalm range!

Available in 2 flavours:

  • Raspberry & Strawberry
  • Lavender & Orange

Based on the name “organic”, I am already having the perception that only organic ingredients are used in the formula. These organic ingredients are sourced from internationally renowned organic farms!

Some key organic ingredients:

  • African organic shea butter (well-known for moisturizing)
  • Splanish organic oil (anti-aging)
  • Argentinean organic jojoba oil (to provide long-lasting hydration to the lips)
  • Columbian organic coconut oil (soften the lips)

Both lip balm colours and textures are exactly the same. It’s only the scent that differs.

Here’s a quick reviews on the two!

Raspberry & Strawberry

Strawberry! Sounds yummy? But I don’t seem to taste/smell much of the strawberry scent from this lip balm. No raspberry as well. But there’s a light sweet fruity scent with a bit of the kind of scent (not sure what’s that called, similar to a mixture of essential oils) one will smell when entering a spa salon.

It’s a lip balm, so do not expect glossy shine or wetness on the lips ya. What I experience is smooth and moisturizing results on my lips which are dry at almost 80% of the time.

Sometimes one hatred with lipgloss is, when the wind blows, 1 or 2 strands of hair tend to stick to the glossy lips. But with lip balm, the lips feel so light that one will really feel there’s nothing on the lips, and hair will never get “glued” to the lips.

Long term using helps to reduce the chances of dry chapped lips. Infact the lips will be well-nourished and stay protected from harsh environment.

Lavender & Orange

Right after applying, I smell the scent of Lavender, reminds me of the same scent at spa salons.

Gliding the lip balm on my lip is easy and smooth. I can really feel the soothing on my lips which tend to crack easily.

In my opinion, Mentholatum organic lip balm in lavender and orange can be used when lips crack. It helps to repair dry chapped lips and minimize the appearance of fine lines with Vitamin E. Its lavender scent helps to soothe the lips too.

Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm comes with the highest eco-cert accreditation!

Point number 1, it is free from artificial chemicals, colorants and preservatives.

Point number 2, it is healthy, safe and gentle for every pair of lips, even the sensitive ones!

Point number 3, its packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

In short, it’s 100% natural origin, and with of 97.84% from organic farming!


Redeem a trial sized Lip Ice Fruity lip balm when you “LIKE” LipIce (Sg) facebook page! Click HERE!

Thanks to the generosity from Mentholatum!

Retail price is S$7.90 each.

Available at Watsons, Guardian, Supermarkets and Departmental stores.


4 thoughts on “#Review# Mentholatum Organic Lip Balm

  1. hello πŸ™‚ may I know how to redeem the sample? cz when I click the link, I was directed to lip ice page ><" the sample in the tab is for the fruity one 😦

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