PUPA Makeup Launch Bloggers Event

I had a fun evening spent with the friendly folks from PUPA and pretty bloggers on one Friday night. A wide range of beauty products were demonstrated to us while we indulged ourselves with fine-dining at Senso Ristorante & Bar. We were given a private function room where we could tried the products freely, and mingled around with maximized comfort.

PUPA believes that beauty is in every woman and for every woman. PUPA has been keeping up and infact like almost ahead with the market trends in cosmetic products to cater for every woman.

Over the years, PUPA has been coming up with products from top quality cosmetic products to high performance treatment products, particularly their Breast Enhancer, the number 1 product in Italian body care category. Face lifting and slimming products are also available at PUPA. At the event, we were give the opportunity to view the line of products under PUPA.

Before attending the event, I only knew the existence of PUPA cosmetics (I own one of their eye shadow few years back, bought it from ALT dept store where Heeren was still around), didn’t know their bodycare products were also popular.

International Makeup Artist, Giogio Forgani, was also at the event to demonstrate to us how PUPA cosmetics could enhance our facial features, to create a 3D dimensional makeup look.

Final look using PUPA cosmetics:

So what were the cosmetics that were demonstrated by Giogio Forgani?

Sharing with you the main 3 items that the celebrity makeup artist had used:

Starting with eyeshadows!

When comes to full makeup, in my opinion, eye makeup is always the focus. Without an eye makeup, we will only have a natural simple kind of look. But with colours on our eyes, the eyes are able to catch someone’s attention. They tend to tell the other party more about your intention and expression during a conversation.

And finally, our eyes look brightened up and bigger with the right colours that suit us.

PUPA Luminys Silk eyeshadows are available in so many colours that one will have difficulty to choose. Its satin formula makes application smooth and pigmented.

Texture-wise, it’s soft and feels velvety! Very different from the usual ones which I’ve tried (powdered).

Luminys Silk brings out a “omph” in the colour, by its updated formula with tiny pearls. All the colours are bright, intense and luminous when applied on the eyes.

Another unique property of PUPA eyeshadows is that they can be applied both wet and dry!

When applied dry, it gives the eyes the elegant and sophisticated look. And when applied wet (dap some colours on your hand, wet one finger and mixed it with the dapped colours), the colours will appear brighter and deeper!

I picked the below colours (pink, purple, brown) to do a swatch.


The eyeshadow comes in a silver ovalish single-colour palette.

We had a lot of fun playing with the cosmetics, particularly PUPA Mascara Vamp! I was very impressed with how the colours from the mascara could brighten up the eyes.

The lengthening and volumising effect were very dramatic! Too bad I was wearing fake eyelashes, so didn’t hands-on that evening.

But I was sponsored a blue mascara from PUPA! Can’t wait to try it out!

But check out Shirleen‘s eyelashes with the green mascara coats on! Gorgeous!

She looked like she had falsies on!

Application can be done in a swift with no smudging. Volume and thickness build up just by a few swipes.

This is the Emerald Green PUPA Mascara Vamp which Shirleen put on:

Other colours available are Chocolate Brown, Deep Night, Electric Blue, Amethyst Violet.

PUPA innovative mascara formula and innovative brush are what make the PUPA Mascara Vamp so fantastic!

The formula basically contains a special mix of waxes (vegetable wax, natural wax, synthetic wax) to achieve the rich and creamy texture of the mascara. Finally it has this film forming agents which hold onto the mascara coats to prevent them from smudging.

For the innovative brush, it has this sinuous shape on the brush so as to pick up the appropriate amount on its centre part and also to coat the eyelashes evenly.

The rounder tip is meant to reach the shortest lash strands like bottom eyelashes.

Other than the stunning mascara, I heart this highlighter, PUPA Luminys Touch.

The brush is extremely soft and gentle to the skin including delicate eyes area.

Dispensing of the Luminys Touch is by turning the pen. Each turn gives a “click” sound with a small amount of the product. Give it a few more turns if you need more.

Its basic functions are: conceal and highlight.

First and most common area to highlight is always the undereye area, where dark circles and eyebags are. PUPA Luminys Touch can also be used as an illuminator to attract light on the areas with shadows.

Areas with dark shadows:

  • Outer & inner corner of the eye
  • Sides of the nose
  • Corners of the mouth
  • Chin hollow

PUPA Luminys Touch can also be applied on eyelids before eyeshadow application. This helps to ensure that the eyeshadow colours stay long throughout.

Not only that, it can also be used on top cheekbone, middle of the forehead, nose ridge and on the point of chin to give the face a stronger highlight.

Finally, it can act as a touchup kit to refresh makeup at anytime of the day.

PUPA Luminys Touch has so many purposes and comes in sleek pen size, convenient to slot it into my bag anytime.

Available in 3 shades :01  Luminous Ivory,  02 Luminous Sand, 03 Luminous Peach

PUPA Luminys Silk Eyeshadow – SGD26.00
PUPA Mascara Vamp – SGD35.00
PUPA Luminys Touch – SGD33.00

BHG Bugis Junction
John Little
Metro Woodlands
Sasa Cosmetics
TARA Apothecary
Pink Beauty @ Toa Payoh, Westmall, Ang Mo Kio, Illuma
Leading perfumeries

Before we left, Giogio Forgani shared with us a simple design of their nail polish. 4th finger has a different colour from the rest and both hands are of the opposite colour. This is quite a trend now in Italy.

Above: Chantana‘s hands.

Not sure if you have seen it before, PUPA has nail polish which is similar to the recent craze, shatter nail polish, at Watsons stores. Pretty affordable. You may want to check them out!

My evening was well-spent with the nice folks from PUPA and the rest of the invited bloggers.

Ending this blogpost with snapshots of the food at Senso Ristorante & Bar.

Appreciate the nice service from the restaurant and staff, and much thanks to Mimi and Lynn for making this event a fruitful one.

Psst, the food were really nice, I’m going back for sure!

Photo credits to PUPA.


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