Maintain a Healthy and Beautiful Skin with Mary Kay!

Mary Kay is not a new beauty brand name to me. I have heard of this brand since a year ago, but I have zero knowledge about what products they are selling. All I know is that the products are not available on the shelves, but can only be bought through their consultants via website.

There are both skincare and cosmetics in this brand.

“Make your skin smile” is what Mary Kay products are all about!

I attended one of their bloggers event a few weeks ago. The event all started with some ice-breaking session, where we got to get ourselves laughing out and loud, dance and shake for like half an hour! It was a great warm ya!

Presentation started with skincare followed by cosmetics.

Introducing Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care!

For an effective skin care regimen, here are some facts that can be found in Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care!

  • Personalized botanical deliver holistic benefits to bring out skin’s healthy radiance.
  • Contains antioxidant-rich, botanical complex good for your skin.
  • Customized formulas leave all skin types feeling balanced, and restored.
  • A simple regimen to meet your skin’s needs.
  • Free of synthetic dyes or added fragrance.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.

There are 4 products for each skin type, consists of a 3-in-1 Cleanser, Freshen, Hydrate and Mask.

  1. 3-in-1 Cleanse effectively cleanses, exfoliates and freshens in one step.
  2. A non-drying Freshen  formula  gently  removes  excess  residue  from  the  skin.
  3. Hydrate  quickly  absorbs leaving  skin feeling balanced.
  4. A pampering Mask gently rids skin of impurities as it revitalizes skin.
  5. The above 4 products are pretty similar to cleanser, toner, moisturizer and mask. It’s just a different way the products are named.

In Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care, personalized skin care is a breeze with three formulas available with ingredients specifically tailored to each user’s skin care needs, whether they have dry, normal or oily skin – even if it’s sensitive.

Dry skin type formula,

Normal skin type formula,

Oily skin type formula,

Two handcare products which I saw,

ALL Mary Kay Botanical Effects ™ Skin Care formulas contain a special botanical complex with two effective botanical ingredients:

Silymarin, also known as Milk Thistle, is a powerful antioxidant that has been used for  2,000  years  as  an  herbal  remedy.  Silymarin  is  known  to  help  defend  against environmental damage, while helping to calm the skin.

Luo  Han  Guo,  a cousin  of  the  cucumber  and  a  member  of  the  gourd  family, has been used for centuries by the Chinese.  Nicknamed the “longevity fruit,” Luo Han Guo  is  a  round  greenish-brown  fruit  that  is  known  to contain  potent  antioxidants, and also believed to help promote healthy skin.

Which formula is right for you?


Flax Seed Extract – Flax seed is an annual plant with slender stems and one of the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to moisturize and help relieve dry skin!

Sea Kelp Extract – Sea Kelp is coarse edible seaweed that grows underwater in shallow oceans.  Sea Kelp is a known source of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids important for moisturization and skin balance.


Frangipani Flower Extract – Frangipani Flower often called Plumeria, is the national flower of Nicaragua  and  carries  great  significance  in  many  cultures  worldwide,  including  Vietnam, Indonesia and Hawaii. This fragrant flower is an antioxidant known for its calming benefits and is
an antioxidant that helps protect against environmental stressors.

Water Lily Extract – Water lily is a flowering aquatic plant that gives off a sweet and pleasant aroma. The Water Lily’s history can be traced back to some of the earliest botanical writings. This
antioxidant is reported to be a source of minerals that are important for healthy skin.


Kanuka  Extract  –  Kanuka,  also  known  as  White  Tea  Tree,  is  an  antioxidant  well  known  for purifying benefits that may help prevent clogged pores. The leaves of this flowering shrub emit a rich, pleasant scent when crushed.

Guava Extract – Guava is a known source of salicylic acid, an exfoliant shown to slough away dead skin and help unclog pores to reduce surface oil.

Mary Kay believes in customizing formula for the different skin types, and this way helps to cater to what the skin is lacked of, rather feeding it with something which it does not need.

I did a mini survey on my skin type.

My result was oily but with slight dryness. I had a choice on which Hydrate to pick for my skin. It all depends on my preference. And in the end, I picked the one from the Oily formula. 🙂

Some snapshots of the products texture. (Freshen is not included as it’s a facial mist kind of packaging)


Very mild cleanser which did not dry up my skin. Infact my hand looked kind of brightened up after cleansing.


Light texture, easily absorbed into my skin. Didn’t feel sticky and skin felt supple!


Highly recommended by me! This is a deep cleansing mask and the exfoliation beads did an excellent job in giving deep cleanse to my face! I loved how smooth my skin felt whenever I used.

Pricelist for the skincare:
Cleanser: SGD34
Freshen: SGD34
Hydrate: SGD40
Mask: SGD40

For the cosmetics, that’s where the fun came in!

Check out this flexible colour palette! Includes a blusher, 3 eye shadow and 1 lipgloss! This is like my emergency makeup kit!

The reason why I say it’s flexible is because the colours are interchangeable! Say I don’t like green, I can easily get a black and put into the palette!

Very vibrant colours! But I guess I have overapplied the cheek colour for this swatch.

There are also these two mascara and fiber!


Gorgeous red!

Keen to try out Mary Kay products?

Contact Mary Kay beauty consultant to find the formula and products that will make your skin smile!  Contact number: 03-7711-7500 Contact number: 65-6226-6888


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