#Review# The NEW Dettol Natural

When comes to hygiene and talks about killing germs, the first brand that comes into my mind is Dettol.

All this while, Dettol products have been given me the impression that the scent in their products is something like those in clinic and hospital, nothing close to floral and fruity fragrance.

Recently, when I was first introduced to Dettol Natural body wash, which is their newest range of body wash, my perception towards this brand has changed. Having shower using Dettol Natural, is like having a soothing and diy spa-ing session at my own bathroom.

Inside this new range, there 2 types to choose from!

Dettol Natural Nourishing and Dettol Natural Soothing for deeply nourished and moisturized skin with trusted germ protection!

Both are infused with long-lasting fragrance and Dettol’s trusted germ protection. They are packed in an all-new lifestyle packaging in warm, inviting colours to highlight its naturalistic leanings.

Other than using Dettol Natural body wash during my shower, I use them to soak my tiring feet!

I add a small amount (20-cent coin sized) of Dettol Natural Soothing body wash into a tub of warm water. Dettol Natural body wash comes in gel texture, and is easily mixed into water.

I will just soak my both feet into the tub for about 15 minutes to pamper my over-walked feet. I will just sit down reading the papers, watching tv, facebook-ing using mobile phone, or masking!

The 15-minute soak not only soothes my feet but also makes my skin feeling smooth immediately after rinsing! All thanks to the special concoction of fresh flowers like Calendula and Chamomile, which are well-known for calming and soothing the body.

So who says shower gel cannot be used for foot spa?

The after-shower feeling is relax and more relax!  Dettol Natural Nourishing body wash leaves my skin soft and smooth after shower. The scent basically refreshes my body and my mind!

Having shower is no longer just about body cleansing. It’s now about cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing and protecting the body and skin. With proper care of our body and skin, it’s like giving ourselves the first level of defense against bacteria and germs!

To cater to the different needs for their customers, Dettol Natural body wash is also available in a bottle, pump-bottle, refill pack and soap bar!

“Through research and development, Dettol recognizes customer’s need for a reliable body wash that provides nourishing and soothing properties, coupled with germ protection which Dettol is lauded for.”

Dettol Natural is the solution to achieve a moisturized and healthy skin using main ingredients like Olives and Chamomile, without compromising on germ protection.

Dettol Natural range price from S$3.20 – S$9.90. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies in Singapore.


4 thoughts on “#Review# The NEW Dettol Natural

  1. I just saw it at the market today and bought it!! 😀 I guess this was launched in India recently because I visit the supermarket often! I have been waiting for a body wash from Dettol. Will use it and see if it’s worth it! 🙂

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