Says Hello to my April Vanity Trove!

Received my April trove from Vanity Trove sometime ago.

Previously I blogged about March trove which packed a range of skincare from AstaLift, and got me melted. The lovely packaging and the rose scent were loves.

This April, here’s what my trove has for me.

There were beauty products related to hairstyling, skincare and a lipgloss from clinique! I heart the lipgloss from clinique which came in a miniature bottle, looks cute and I actually left it on my work desk to remind myself to gloss my lips all the time in the air-conditioned office!

Other than products sampling, a stack of shopping vouchers were included! My favourite was included! Yay!

For the coming up May, Vanity Trove has prepared something exciting as well.

So stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “Says Hello to my April Vanity Trove!

  1. You are so lucky to recieve this box! Can you review June’s as well? I am thinking of signing up for a year but not sure if its worth it. The other boxes clearly are not worth the money at all…

    • oh i see! I just saw from their FB that there is a post where people exchange with one another on the products which are of no use to them. I think that’s quite useful in some sense.

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