#Review# Hello Kitty Roll-on Lipgloss

Hello Kitty:

“Legend says I am as tall as 5 apples and that I weigh 3. I am a British citizen since I live in London but I adore Paris, fashion refinement!”

I have heard of Hello Kitty since years ago but I have never known anything about her size!

I am not a huge fan of Hello Kitty but its pink ribbon, kitty face, yellow nose and tiny eyes have been catching attention from uncountable young girls and adults around me!

Hello Kitty has always been available as plushies, accessories, computer gadgets and recently, skincare.

And now, Hello Kitty has created her own brand of makeup!

Presenting to you the highly raved Diamond Gloss, which comes in 7 cheery colours!

Looks sweet?

Yes they are!

I am sponsored 3 of them! And I am pretty in love with the gloss and shine that all 3 leave on my lips!

Its transparent bottle seems to bling up the gloss and shine in the colours! It looks like there’s some diamond flakes in the colours!

The bottle size is about a normal lipstick’s, pretty handy to slot into the bag or even a small pouch.

Bottle cap is tightened by a few turns. Leakage is prevented in this way, and the fruity scent and freshness from the lipgloss is also well-sealed.

Application goes by rolling the roller onto the lips. Just a gentle rolling along the lips, without any pressing, the lipgloss will be dispensed easily.

Rolling the lipgloss on my lips is very smooth. Within a few rollings, I can see the difference.

All 3 lipglosses which I’ve tried are colourless on my lips! They taste/scent differently.

My pick is Pink Paradise. Its sweetness is not too overwhelming. 🙂

Big Apple and Eau de coco deliver the same amount of glossy shine as Pink Paradise. So I guess it all depends on what colour and taste that favour you the most.

Retail price: S$12.90 each.

Available exclusively at Watsons.


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