[I Love Dressing Up!] Outfit of the Day with my new Quilted Sling!

As usual, I am still actively doing online shopping, just that I have narrowed down the long list of blogshops to a shorter list. 🙂

My top favourite is Smooch. I truely enjoyed my blogshopping with them, mainly because of the easy payment. I don’t use Ibanking and Paypal option at Smooch really gives me alot of convenience.

One of my favourite dresses from Smooch is Delia Tiered dress. I bought the one in cyan, which sorts of add some brightness to my wardrobe.

My guy and mum have almost thought it’s a 2-piece dress.  Well, this is what I like in the dress: It brings out a little different from what it’s supposed to be like!

Anyway, to make my outfit looks more cheery, I paired it with a carousel necklace bought during my TW trip last month. The carousel necklace was in gold plated chain with some blue which matched pretty well with my cyan dress.

To complete my outfit, I picked a sling bag which also has some little gold plated metals.

I didn’t think I looked over doing it, did I?

Black bag never goes wrong with any outfit! I totally dig my new black quilted bag from Danxuan.livejournal.

Quilted design is one of the designs which has yet to go out of trend for the past few years. Somehow it brings out a soft touch of elegance to bags. Oh yes, it comes in those soft faux leather material. 🙂

Going out without a bag? I cannot!

I have quite abit of small miscellaneous items to put into my bag whenever I go out! And these excludes my makeup pouch. It’s so not nice to keep carrying bulky fat bags.

But with my new quilted sling bag, I was able to dump all my necessary stuff inside it!

The bag looking BIG? Not really~!

It doesn’t have a wide base but its length and moderate height makes it very usable.

There are a total of 3 small compartments by the sides, one of them is zipped.

Dumping all my barang barang inside…

The sling bag also has a zip for closure, to avoid the items from falling out.

And despite so many of my barang barang, the bag can still be zipped without bulging here and there!

Quality of my quilted sling bag is extremely good. All stitches and sewing are neatly done with no thread fraying.

Another way of carrying the  bag is ….

I just have to push the straps into the bag, zip it up, and carry it like a clutch!

That’s how versatile the bag is!

My quilted sling bag is retailing at SGD25, comes in 4 colours.

More details on my quilted bag can be found at Danxuan.livejournal.

Other than pairing it with blue and a little gold, I have also tried pairing it with beige/pink, a casual outfit which I own recently. Pink blouse and crochet shorts are from Taipei while my sandals are bought from Hong Kong.

I didn’t think I look too weird, perhaps a little too casual. Then again, that day was a hot day, I just had to wear something light and comfy. So I didn’t really pay much attention in colour matching.

This time, my necklace was in rose gold, from MyLittleBow.

It’s not my first time dealing with MLB, fast and efficient are why I go back to them. 🙂

That’s all for this blogpost! It has been a.long time since I blog about my shopping buys and dressing up stuff. Hope to have time for more of these later on!


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