#Review# KATE Spring Summer 2012 Collection

KATE Cosmetics have always giving me a mysterious and cool impression from their colours and products packaging. In this Spring/Summer season, more gorgeous products have come to SG.

I was invited to review 3 products from KATE Cosmetics 2012 Spring Summer Collection.

Even before I tried them on, just by opening the packaging, I got excited!

KATE Super Sharp Liner

KATE Super Sharp Liner comes in 3 colours, Jet Black, Natural Black, Natural brown.

I was given Natural brown to try! Yay!

The liner has an ultra fine brush which makes drawing eye line so easy and smooth!

Natural brown and the thin eye line which I’ve drawn, my eyes look natural and yet more defined.

The brush is very soft when pressed on my delicate eyelid. Not much skin tugging is involved.

KATE Art Dial Mascara

This new mascara excites me the most! Bold and Revolutionary are what KATE Art Dial Mascara takes!

Its mascara comb is very different from the usual ones I have!

“Art Dial” refers to dispensing the mascara by turning the dial-comb. How much mascara will be dispensed depends on how many turns I give.

Awesome mechanism! No more worries and wastage of dried mascara inside the tube or on mascara bristle/comb. *thumb up*

The mascara comb was designed in a tilted angle for easy application. It also helps to separate eyelashes and prevents eyelash clumping when coating with mascara.

Fit the mascara comb on the eyelash roots begin the combing. I started off with eyelashes on my outer corner of my eyes,.

I comb (coat) my eyelashes upwards a few times to give them a thicker and volumized result.

After a few coats on the eyelashes on the outer corner, I repeated the same for the middle eyelashes and finally the eyelashes on the inner corner of my eyes.

Coating on lower eyelashes is even more easier and messy-free!

See the lengthening effect on my eyelashes,

Throughout the day, there was no smudges and the curls were naturally curled by the comb and mascara coats. (Ps. No eyelash curler was used)

The only hassle which I have faced is that, I have to use a tissue paper to wipe the mascara comb clean after each use. This is to prevent piling of dried mascara on the comb.

KATE Real Create Eyes

If shimmering eyes is what some ladies want, then this new collection of KATE eye shadow palettes should not be missed. This collection is specially launched for this Spring Summer season, and comes in 5 palettes, Pink, Brown, Orange, Green and Blue.

I was given the green palette to try! Just what I need in my cosmetics collections! 😀

I am mesmerized by the shimmers and pearly shine from the colours!

Did a swatch on the 5 colours!

The palette basically has 5 colours to create a 3D kind of look on the eyes.

A: It’s a clear jelly-like texture used on eyelids to  increase the translucency and lustre of the eye shadow colours and their long-lasting result!

B, C, D: These are the graduation colours to define the eyes and contours!

E: The shimmering green contains light-transmitting pearl powder to create natural contours look!

How I apply the colours is very simple and fast. Newbie to eyeshadows will have no problem for sure!

Step 1: Using my fingertip to dab a moderate amount of the clear jelly (A) and spread it from my eyeline to slightly above the crease below my eyebrow.

Step 2: Using another fingertip to pick up the lightest graduation colour (B) and dab it over the area where (A) was applied.

Step3: After giving my eyelids the shimmering base, I begin with defining my eyelines and contours using (C) and (D).  Using an eyeshadow applicator, I use (C) on the eyeline (above eyelash), this help to define my eyes shape. I apply (D) on the outer corner of my eyeline, to give abit of the smokey look, and at the same time, it helps to make my eyes look wider. (C) works well on my lower eyelid too!

Step4: This is the last step where the green colour (E) comes in. Use an applicator to pick up (E) and dab it over my eyelids, from the eyeline to slightly above the crease line, blending it with the (C) and (D) to create the natural eye contours.

Here’s my result but i think my photos cannot justify the colours due to lighting. :c

Even when I have puffy eyes, the shimmer doesn’t worsen the dull look, and infact my eyes look so much brightened up than usual!

The colours are able to stay pigmented on my eyelids for up to 8 hours!

Price list and more new exciting products from KATE Cosmetics Collection

KATE Super Sharp Liner S$17.00
KATE Art Dial Mascara S$27.00
KATE Real Create Eyes S$27.00
KATE Mineral BB Gel Cream SPF 30 PA ++ S$25.50
KATE Dual Liner S$23.50
KATE Cream Cheek S$20.50
KATE Wide Edge Eyes S$27.00
KATE Eyeliner Pencil RT S$20.50

Time to dress up for a spring summer look!


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