#Review# Sexylook Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask

Fans of Hello Kitty are not going to miss this! Sexy Look has launched a series of Hello Kitty So-Lovely skincare products which include:

  • Facial cleanser
  • Lip balm
  • Mask

Hello Kitty So-Lovely Series is all about providing the perfect hydration to the skin and the delicate skin near the eye areas.

The most favourite product here is the Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask.

A cute illustration about the mask:

1. Due to the harsh environment around me, my skin tends to dehydrate during the dry and humid days. There are also times my skin tends to produce excess sebum, causing breakouts etc.

Above photo: there’s a little redness on bottom left near my lips.

2. No way can I accept the redness and breakouts! Luckily Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask is here to save my skin! *Phew!*

3. Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask helps to calm down my skin, removes the redness, and flatten pimples!

Above photo: Less redness

Above photo: Skin looks more radiant and smoother than before.

4. After masking, my skin feels hydrated and supple immediately! Skin looks brightened up! Using Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask like 2-3 times a week will give the skin the sufficient moisture and helps to keep the skin well-hydrated and radiant. πŸ™‚

There’s a strawberry light sweet scent during masking, gives me a cheery mood during masking.

No rinsing is required after masking. I will just pat the remaining essence on my face till it is fully absorbed.

A mini review from my mum who also tried out the mask!

She’s in her 50s and has dehydrated skin. She used the remaining essence in the pack on her neck, arms, and legs! Her skin felt smooth after the massage using the essence!

After masking, she would use the mask sheet on her toes where there were alot of dead skin!! Yes, she loves the hydrating results. πŸ˜€

Achieving Results

The Strawberry Essence soaking the mask sheet helps to tighten up large visible pores.

It also contains Collagen and Royal Jelly Essence to hydrate the skin, giving it a natural radiance.

Special Treat of Free Gift when making purchase at Secretive.Sg

Mention “Sassyd0lllovesexylook” during checkout (Step 2 of 3 – Payment Information on the Special Instructions or Order Comments box) when you shop at www.secretive.sg to receive a FREE Sexylook Leopard-print cosmetic pouch with $20 AND a Lioele Special Mini Pack Set worth S$12!

Free gifts are valid with a minimum order of S$20.

Promotion period: 1st May to 20th May 2012.

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