#Review# Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV

Yay! It’s another new product coming up from Za-Cosmetics! This time round, it’s a 12-in-1 BB cream from Total Hydration range!

This new BB cream has got 12 benefits for the skin, and caters to almost all BB  cream/foundation addicts who will love to have!

I did a comparison of Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV with another brand’s BB Cream, let’s called it Brand X.

Using the same amount of BB cream on each hand, one very obvious result was shine. Za’s BB Cream didn’t show a single shine on my hand while Brand X BB Cream leaves quite a relative shine, loose powder or two-way cake is definitely needed to touch up to reduce it.

And when comes to coverage, fine lines are not visible from Za’s BB Cream whereas Brand X still leave a few fine lines visible.

The finish which Za’s BB cream leaves is smooth, matte with abit of powdery feel. Brand X leaves a slight stickiness on my skin.

Basically, the 12 benefits fall under skincare, foundation and sunscreen.

1. Conceals Dullness | 2. Conceals Pores | 3. Evens Skintone | 4. Brightens Skin | 5. Perfects Skin for makeup
Total Hydration BB Cream UV has a formula and texture that are different from the usual BB cream which I’ve seen.

When I first squeezed out a pea-sized amount, it’s in cream texture. But after applying on my skin, it gave my skin a matte with slight powdery feel! Its powdery formula has a colour control property which helps to even out skintone, brightening up the skin.

And when comes to coverage, it is able to conceal pores! Its poreless powder actually diffuses light  to minimize the appearance of pores! I don’t have much pores issue so I can’t really comment much on that. But I tried the BB Cream UV on my fine lines and the same result appears! Fine lines appearance was minimized greatly! Spreading of the BB Cream UV was easy. Gliding was very smooth and I could finish my foundation with or without a loose powder/2-way cake.

6. Creates Healthy Skin | 7. Moisturizes Skin | 8. Makes Skin Smooth & Translucent | 9. Livens Up Skin | 10. Non-sticky
Some skincare benefits include moisturizing the skin with its Amino Mineral Complex.  Skin’s surface is smoothen by removing excess surface cells with its Prism Enhancer. Skin feels fresh and and non-sticky with its Sebum-absorbing powder. And finally, BB Cream UV livens up the skin by having Vitamin B derivative to energizes skin’s inner cells (deeper layers) to work and stay healthy.

11. UVA | 12. UVB
Comes with SPF 43 PA +++, believe it? 3 pluses!

Skin feels good! Here’s me with Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV and Za True White two-way cake foundation, skipping my concealer on my freckles but having it on my eyebags.

My face doesn’t feel extremely oily for the next 7 hours before I do another touch up.

Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV comes in a small handy tube, retailing at S$15.90 at Watsons in mid-May 2012!

Have a beautiful day with Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV!


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