RoC Sublime Energy – Ensures cells talk to one another actively!

Experience the world’s first electro stimulation skincare  and eyecare cream from RoC!

This was my first event to attend right after my overseas trip. I felt like I haven’t attend bloggers events for the longest time! lol!

Event was held at Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar. It was a nice cozy place and we had a private room all to ourselves to play around with the beauty products.

The event was very interesting. Just 3 stations for every blogger to visit and we roughly know what the new products were all about! The simple Q&A made the event even more interactive and everyone felt so comfortable mingling with one another. 

Station 1 got me into some thinking! I didn’t manage to know the answer. Finally I went “Oh I see….!” when the answer was revealed. The regeneration of body parts makes healing and recovering fast gave me the idea about skin repairing and healing. 

Station 2 reminded me of physics and engineering! Initially I have thought it’s blood that carries the signals all over the body. Then I was wrong. The answer was energy flows through electricity and so happen that our human body is a good conductor of electricity, this makes cell-to-cell communication feasible. 

Station 3 had go to do with Station 2. When we all know cell-to-cell communication is possible, how do we drive the communication when communication breaks down? This is where RoC Sublime Energy comes in.

With all the 3 stations, I roughly had an idea what RoC Sublime Energy can do for my skin. In simple terms, we are born with a body full of bioelectricity (recalling that our body is a good conductor of electricity).

Healthy and Young skin

This bioelectricity ensures that the communication between cell to cell works efficiently, like what happens in an electrical signaling system. Bioelectricity in this case is very strong, and production of collagen is high. Each cell is able to ‘talk’ to one another, skin repairs by itself and stays healthy and firm.

Skin turns old

But as we age, the bioelectricity tends to work slow and less efficient. Cell has problem talking to one another, skin renewal and signals in the body cannot be sent correctly. Production of collagen and other essential proteins are slowed down. Signalling between cells is breaking down.

Because skin fails to repair, aging signs (dullness, uneven skin tone, fine lines, loss of firmness etc) begin to appear.

In this case, the skin needs something to increase/encourage the bioelectricity so that signals between cells can be sent, and skin can repair and slow down skin aging.

Help is here!

RoC Sublime Energy is developed to create micro-currents to the skin (in a way, bioelectricity is increased), and to mimic the functions of the electrical signalling system in the body.

RoC sublime energy consists of a day cream, night cream and an eyecare cream. Each cream comes in pair, because it’s a 2-step application product.

RoC Sublime Energy Day Cream (S$92)

Step 1 – Apply the grey E-pulse concentrate over face and neck. The interesting part is, it turns colourless when applied!

Even though the concentrate has turned colourless, it is not yet absorbed into the skin! Concentrate contains energised micro-particles of zinc and copper.

Step2 – Massage activating cream on top of the concentrate. During the massage, the moisturizer cream will be fully absorbed into the skin. This also means zinc and copper are penetrated into the skin to start increasing the bioelectricity in the body, and cells are able to send signals to one another again.

So now, the cells are back to work on repairing the skin and build up healthy-looking skin! Results will be less wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, dull skin etc!

When comes to the texture, my skin feels velvety smooth after the massage. There’s no shine, no oiliness. Make up application seems smoother and easier after application.

RoC Sublime Energy Day moisturizer contains SPF 20 and it isn’t thick and creamy on my skin.

RoC Sublime Energy Night Cream (S$95)

RoC Sublime Energy Night moisturizer application is the same, apply in 2 steps. It targets on skin aging signs which the day moisturizer does, the only difference is that it has additional functions of lifting the facial contours.

RoC Sublime Energy Eye Cream (S$75)

For RoC Sublime Energy Eyes, needless to say, it targets on eye issues like dark circles and eye puffiness, fine lines, crow’s feet, eyebags.

What RoC Sublime Energy does to aging skin:

This is my first time to know about skin dealing with bioelectricity. It sounds like a great research and worth trying them!

Giveaway for Sassyd0ll’s readers!

Thanks to RoC Singapore for the sponsorship! Sassydoll’s readers will now have a chance to try out the RoC SUBLIME ENERGY Day + Night + Eye products!

Just by completing the following sentence, 5 readers with the best answers will get to try out the new products!

“I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because _____________________________________.”

Kindly include your name and email in your comment.

If you are picked, I will contact you for your name, age, email, home address, contact number which are required for RoC to arrange the products to be sent to you.

Deadline for this giveaway is 10th May 2012, Thursday, 10pm.

Meanwhile, do stay updated with RoC new launches and events by joining their facebook page HERE!

Colour theme for the event that day was grey. Not sure why I misread it as blue!

Here’s the electric blue tiered dress which I’ve worn:

Feels so bad about it, luckily the nice folks from RoC were very friendly.

The event was really enjoying for me!

I had my caricature drawn! The ladies from RoC had invited a caricaturist to the event! *sweet*

Photo extracted from Roc Singapore facebook.

And homemade chocolates treat which I picked!

Ending this blogpost with group photos with the folks from RoC and invited bloggers!

Photo extracted from Roc Singapore facebook.

Photo extracted from Roc Singapore facebook.

Photo extracted from Roc Singapore facebook.



11 thoughts on “RoC Sublime Energy – Ensures cells talk to one another actively!

  1. I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because the technology sounds so revolutionary in getting cells to talk to each other and amazing that I have to try it out myself.

  2. I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because I really hope this would be the answer to all my skin woes! Uneven skin tone, designer eye bags, you name it, i’ve got it! Hopefully after using it, I’ll be more electrifying! xD

  3. “I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because I am hope this product would be my solution to having beautiful skin.

  4. I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because of the 2-step application, especially the concentrate that contains the energised micro-particles zinc and copper. I am super keen to try out how the texture is like!

  5. I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because of the amzing technology behind the products formula. I am in my late 20s and have been trying to search for a good and affordable anti-aging skincare. RoC seems to be a good choice for me to try out.

  6. I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because I like how light texture RoC products leave on the skin. I have got very oily skin and is getting nearer to fine lines, and I believe RoC Sublime Energy suits my skin type.

  7. I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because I cannot wait to see how well the products are going to perform skin renewal and repair on me aging skin! I hope to try it out and witness the improvement on my skin myself before indulging in full retail size products!

  8. I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because I want to have a skincare set that can help in anti-aging before my skins starts to age and also to brighten up my skin.

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